A RiseUp Fellow in Lagos joined Afrika Youth Movement to sensitize girls and women on menstrual hygiene

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Feyikemi Idowu Fabiyi, a Gender Advocate and Riseup Fellow joined Afrika Youth Movement in partnership with Dopemu Youth Group Lagos to sensitize adolescent young girls and women within the age bracket of 13 and 40 on best practises during menstrual flow. The event took place on 13th June, 2020 at Dopemu, Lagos to commemorate with World Menstrual Hygiene Day, 2020 which was celebrated on the 28th May, 2020 through out the world.

Ms Feyikemi Fabiyi, rise up fellow and member of Afrika Youth Movement engaged the girls and women on the biological process of menstruation to help the girls to gain insight on what causes menstruation in the body thereby clearing negative assumptions. She also discussed on how to calculate their Menstrual cycle through a calendar chat on a cardboard paper as an instructional material.

The south west coordinator organization, Mr. Akinola Shasanya, also spoke on the awareness against rape during the sensitization. Shasanya Akinola discussed with the girls and women about the increase in rape cases across the federation and the need for the residents to stand up and speak out against rape most especially on the girl child, He made mention of the need to standup against gender based violence and shun every form of sexual violence and abuse on the girl child especially.

Furthermore, Miss Vera Ikejiobi from the same organization also discussed about Menstrual Hygiene tips, she suggested the use of at least 3 to 4 pads a day during mensuration and asked them not to use cloths or tissues which may not be hygienic and safe to use.

All participants were on mask to follow government rules and to also prevent themselves from COVID 19. All necessary measures were put in place like washing of hands and sanitizing before the program commenced.

The day was full of practical sessions and the intervention was a huge success as sanitary pads was giving out to girls and women for free.

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