Al Qalam Schools hold 13th Graduation, Prize Giving, Award Day in grand style

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The 30th of July, 2022 (1st Muharram,1443) was indeed a joyous, educative, and fun filled day for the pupils, students, parents as well as staff of Al Qalam Schools, Ibadan as they organized their 13th annual end of season get together.

The event which was held at Banquad Events Place, Ibadan was well attended by parents, pupils, students and associates of the school.

The Director of Academic of the school, Hajia Otun R. Abimbola in her welcome address give praises and adoration to Almighty Allah. She equally appreciate parents, staff, pupils as well as students of the school for their unflinching support. She however, admonished them not to relent in their quest for knowledge. Her welcome address partly reads:

Some of the staff and management’s representative (Director of Academics – Hajia Otun Rukayat Abimbola)

“This year’s Graduation is intentionally presented with the Theme: Beyond an Ended Learning Stage. and the rationale for it is simply to get our Pupils, Students, Parents, Teachers and relevant stakeholders informed that learning is an unending exercise as guided by our beloved Prophet Muhammad that seeking of knowledge is compulsory on every believers and that we should keep learning from cradle to grave.

“On this note, I congratulate all of you, my darling students and pupils for completing another miles in your educational journey. It is a moment of joy and happiness in your life, your family and for the school, we say Barakallah feekum.

“As you know that you have been well islamically trained, educated and nurtured to be ALLAH’S Vicegerance wherever you could find yourself today and in future.

“We don’t doubt your strengths and capabilities to deliver, to lead counterparts because your spiritual, mental and physical stability shall be of great opportunity to withstand normal hurdles in life by ALLAH’S will… ma shaa ALLAH.

Some of the Teaching Staff and Management’s Representative (Director of Finance and Admin – Alhaji Otun Ishaq Ajibola FCNA, FCIT, FFA UK, CPA Ireland, Msc, MBA)

“I can’t but felicitate with the parents of these wonderful graduands. I could feel your happiness as parent too, its a moment of joy seeing good fruits of hard labour in one’s children but I want to say don’t see yourselves except ALLAH, Alhamdulillah HE crowns your efforts & our efforts with success. I join you to say, Alhamdulillah Robil’alamin. However, its never over, our elders we say ” o ku ni ibon ro “… this is just your starting point and you will agree with me that parenting is far beyond paying tuition, we must continously guiding and guarding these children, spiritual wise, moral wise and career. As to their career importantly, please no parent should impose personal goal as child’s ambition, that could be disastrous in child’s life. May ALLAH save us from such.

“I therefore seek ALLAH’S abundant favours and blessings on all our parents, pupils, students,

“To our ever resourceful teachers and supportive non-teaching staff, we acknowledge the fact that you are part of today’s success in these pupils & students, I must say Kudos to you, let’s keep it up! May ALLAH reward you all with everything best in both worlds.”

One of the pupils’ presentations.

The Guest Speaker, Professor Sirajudeen Bankole (Department of Economics, University of Ibadan) who was competently represented by Dr Basheer AbdFatah (National Institute of Social and Economic Research, NISER) delivered a remarkable lecture titled “Focusing Beyond an Ended Learning Stage “. He structured his talk into three sections to address the parents, students and the School. He advised that parents should not enforce any career on their children. He equally guided students not to follow crowd but consider their individual competency, skills, interest, knowledge in their chosen career. As for the school, he reminded them to consistently make follow-up of their past students progression spiritually, academically and morally.

The Chairman of the occasion, Associate Professor AbdWasiy Ajagbe (Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Environmental Engineers, Oyo State, Nigeria) in his opening remarks enjoined parents not to relent their efforts, that its never over because these children need them more on their path to success in life and hereafter. He challenged all graduating students for academic excellence, spiritual standard and moral uprightness as ALLAH’s vicegerances and hope of the Ummah.

Graduands, Teachers, and Management’s Representative (Director of Academics – Hajia Otun R. Abimbola)

In interview with some parents, they appreciated the school’s management for their commitments towards actualization of the School’s mission statement which worth guarded.

Awardees at the 13th Graduation / Prize Giving and Award Ceremony of Al Qalam Schools, Ibadan.

Highlight of the event include; prayer, recitation from the Holy Qur’an, various presentations by the school pupils and students, presentation of prizes to best graduating students, top performers in academic, moral, and character among students and pupils as well as presentation of awards to Surveyor Ashiru AbdWaheed, Chairman PTA Executive, Mrs Rukayat AbdulRahman – Vice Chairman PTA, Mrs Aminat Adetumbi – PRO PTA and Mrs Sherifat AbdSalam, The PTA Treasurer for their massive supports, commitment and dedication to the school’s mission statement.

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