Al’khayr Kind & Care Charity Team of Al Qalam Schools visit FOMWAN Orphanage Home

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In a bid to inculcate the act of giving and humanitarian service in the heart of their students, a leading Islamic school in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital known as Al Qalam Schools has set up a charity team among their students to participate in an annual charity project tagged Al’khayr Kind & Care.

The 1443AH (2022) Charity Project Team paid a visit to Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN) orphanage Home on Thursday, 13th of Ramadan, 1443AH ( 14th April, 2022) as part of their activities for this year project.

The Director of Academics of the school, Hajia Otun R. Abimbola disclosed to Community Gist that the school embark on the project because it’s inline with the school mission statement. She said:

“We Muslims are complaining about neglect of our social responsibility of taking care of the less privileged brethren as commanded by ALLAH subhanahu wa’tahala and we keep struggling on way forward to mend our non-challant attitude on it.

“So, The Management of Al Qalam Schools via her Think-Thank Team decided to step up for a change in small way through practical education of their students & pupils as catch them young approach.

“Therefore, since part of practical ways to impart meaningful knowledge to Muslim children is to engage them in the field where they will be executing their learnings consistently. So, we grouped our learners into one Team from various classes yearly to participate in an annual Charity project ; Al’khayr Kind & Care Charity Team to pay humanitarian visit to vulnerable people in the society.

“The school’s management is encouraging this project being part of ideal Islamic education and teachings to learners, importantly it goes with the mission statement of the school which states; to be a leading institution offering qualitative education with morals based on pristine Islamic teachings; to nurture an ideal Muslim child who shall influence the globe positively and benefit from both worlds.

“Conclusively, ALLAH says: And from among you there should be a party who invite to good and enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong, and these it is that shall be successful – Q3 Verse 104.”

The Chairperson, Home Committee at FOMWAN Ibadan, Alhaja Ashiat Idowu lectured the students & pupils (Al’khayr Kind & Care Charity Team for 1443AH) of Al Qalam Schools on the History and Achievement of FOMWAN as a way of orientating them towards their social responsibilities as ambassadors of Islam.

She equally encouraged them to keep up with virtues and good manners adding that they should hold on to faith and remain steadfast as Muslims.

The school’s Admin Officer, Mallam Hashim AbdRahman on behalf of Management thank parents, staff and entire Muslim communities in Olonde Estate, Ologuneru and environs for their continuous understanding and supports towards the school’s activities.

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