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In a bid to make their plight know to the management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) in particular and the general public at large, All Electricity Consumers Protection Forum, Ibafo Chapter has held a press conference on 24th of December, 2019 beside Health Centre, Ibafo. In a press statement made available to Community Gist, the organization highlighted some of the ways and manners IBEDC has been maltreating them.

Part of the press statement reads: “The press conference of today is long overdue but we thank God for the opportunity & grace given to converge you all here today with respect to listening to the maltreatment that we have been facing from IBEDC some of which are highlighted below:

“CRAZY BILLING/ OVERBILLING: Since May 2018, IBEDC has been given their IBAFO customers high bills which cannot justify the corresponding energy used. This endurance of the banes of estimated bills has resulted to exorbitant billings. Their attention has been called officially several times to this ugly development but it’s quite unfortunate that they have nothing to say except that it was as a result of those using electricity without paying. IBEDC knows the victims how come could we continue to pay for those that are using free energy? We can not continue to suffer from problems not created by us.

“IRREGULARITY ON POWER SUPPLY: We were informed that the supply of electricity to consumer depends on the availability of energy with the distribution company, this we believe is the reason why we have agreed on timetable for energy distribution but to our amazement, it is only our off days that are permanent why we experience complete darkness or IBEDC give us light for few hours during ON DAYS. Our findings have shown that some of their men trade with our energy with other communities and companies around us. This act of injustice must stop with immediate effect and we hereby advise that they work strictly in line with the load shielding timetable. Some of the factors that are contributing to this irregular and epileptics power supply are constant faulty equipment and overloading issues at Ibafo. IBEDC is aware of this and knows what to do but in their own wisdom decided not to act and thereby given more pains to IBAFO light users. They are only interested in increasing their IGR at IBAFO but not interested in satisfactory customer service.

“LOSS OF REVENUE: This is the illegal collection of money from energy users without documentation (receipt/bill). It was observed that some of IBEDC workers were going around to collect money from our unsuspecting members that have not been billed. This collection which IBEDC officials called loss of revenue, is very fraudulent to us because the said money does not reflect in the IBEDC account. IBEDC should note that they are given 30 days to produce bills for all our people that have registered with their organization and that all their officials caught in collecting this illegal money called loss of revenue will be handed over to security Agent / Anti-corruption agent for necessary action. You are further advised to disconnect with immediate effect anybody that has not registered with you but is using electricity in our community.

“PREPAID METER ISSUES: As expected and on the instruction of Federal Government of Nigeria, prepaid meters should be given to consumers freely but the reverse is the case. Kindly note that if the issue of prepaid meter could not be solved as soon as possible you are hereby advised to meter all the transformers in our community. This exercise must be done after you have successfully settled the issue of billing to every consumer.

“ILLEGAL DISCONNECTION: IBEDC since their inception at Ibafo has been enjoying illegal disconnection of power supply at will without following due process as required by the regulatory agencies and extant law of the land. This action needs to stop with immediate effect.

“MULTIPLE BILLING: This is the process of giving two or more wrong bills to the same property. This is the latest means of IBEDC to getting more IGR by printing more than one energy bill for same person/ same house/ same property at the end of the month. We have kicked against this act of exploitation before but we were told it was computer error which will be amended & corrected but instead of putting a stop to this act, the actions continue. We say NO to multiple billing

“OUTSTANDING ILLEGAL BILLING: Some of our members that are IBEDC customers have been carrying some arrears. (These were the illegal bill of electricity not used handed over to them immediately IBEDC took over from Power Holding Company of Nigeria). They were informed by IBEDC that the reversal will be done but the issue has not seen the light of the day.

“IBEDC has given us a great pain despite the fact that we used our sweat money to buy transformers, cables, wire, pole and other electrical infrastructure which we handed over to them and we are still using our money to maintain the same transformers (The action of maintaining their transformers by us will stop). We are going to return part of the pain experienced by us to your organization if our demands does not receive the light of the day, further more let it be in record that we shall forward the bill acquired on the maintenance of all the transformers in our environment to them soonest for reimbursement.

We have resolved as follows:
NO to low energy shielding while YES to regular supply of full energy
NO to overbilling / crazy bills
NO to illegal collection of money from our people without documentation (IBEDC RECEIPT/ BILL)
NO to illegal disconnection of power supply without notice as required by the regulatory agencies and extant laws of the land
We say give us prepaid meter
NO to indiscriminate billing
NO to double billing/ multiple billing
Reversal of illegal outstanding bill given to our people when IBEDC took over from power holding
We hereby give IBEDC 30 days ultimatum counting starts effective from now to provide solution to all issues mentioned above from item 1 to 8 failure in which we shall proceed on full peaceful protest against the organization notifying Ibafo Divisional Police Officer, Area Commander, Ogun state Commissioner of Police, Inspector General of Police and all other necessary quarters.

During the countdown to ultimatum given, as a peaceful body, we might still be available to any meeting called by IBEDC which should be overseen by top management officer above regional personal because from the rank of regional manager downward have been fully aware of the situation on ground and the event of things has shown that they lack the capacity to bring expected solution and put smiles on faces of their esteem customers.”

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