AMSC2019: Story Tellers brainstorm to implement SGDs

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Young media practitioners and entrepreneurs gathered on 7up Island, Ilagbe, Lagos, Nigeria to brainstorm on how to tell better stories in the 2019 African Media Story Telling Conference held between 24th and 26th of April, 2019. The conference, an Initiative of Alarinka tagged “Storytelling: Implementing, Innovative approach in achieving the SDGs Goals. Placing high value on Intergenerational and Professional Mentorship Dialogue as key in investing in Youth Media entrepreneurs and harnessing their potential.”

Ambassador Stephen Oguntoyinbo, the convener of the conference while welcoming the delegates to the conference said the conference designed to broaden their scope on story telling, adding that the conference will be educative, entertaining and fun filled.

The Camp Commandant, Mr Jide Oluwafemi Jinadu who took the delegates on personal development defined wisdom as proper application of one’s knowledge and defined knowledge as what you have left with you after forgetting what you are taught. He then admonished the delegates to always use their wisdom saying wisdom will determine the level of their success.

“You have to take lead in your field, to take the lead, you need the following; truth, consistent occurrences and experience, Jide added.”

Julie Mogbo from The Family Bond Nurse and Mr Shola Animashaun, CEO, Shola Animashaun Photo Academy (SAPA) took the delegates on my nurse story and business of photography respectively. At the end the brainstorming session, delegates were grouped into 3 to work on different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The delegates who expressed their satisfaction after the conference have these to say:

“Good evening everyone. Once again I remain grateful and humbled being a participant at the just concluded AMSC,2019. I really had fond memories and horizon has been enlarged. Although, I felt completely lost initially, I later settled through inspiring sessions by Mr Stephen, Mr Jide etc, thanks, Elizabeth Uwandu, Vanguard newspaper reporter, Lagos said.”

Another delegate, Seyi Alawuh, a Documentary Photographer said: “This conference has sincerely made me see the better way of telling stories. Unlike the pressure to have many portfolio, I have learnt that the first and most important factor for storytelling is to have a positive impact on your subject not just to see them as a bait for your success. It must be mutual. Most importantly, you must tell your story to the world, we passionately run after telling other people’s story but here we are in isolation but I have learnt to find time to tell my awesome story. Thank you to everyone, you have just spiced up my story. God bless you all, I love you.”

“I made up my mind to go for the AMSC2019 trip a day before take-off. I sent a text to Mr Shola after I had done the registration and he was quite welcoming, as always.
On getting to the take off zone, there were so many unfamiliar faces, and there I knew the trip was going to be filled with loads of discoveries. Of which turned out to be the case. We faced a number of challenges on the way to our destination. Starting from the ferry breaking down on water, to when we were told there was no reservation at the fixed location (Inagbe Grand Resort).
“The organizers were quite reassuring, and on the next day, we moved from the fixed location to Paradise (7up Island), where we from SA Photo Academy, had a beach house all to ourselves. That night, I slept in a house that was by the ocean, which was something I had only done in my dreams.

“My stay on the island was very therapeutic. I could hear the birds chirping, the sounds of the ocean waves splashing, the rustling sound of the wind, and never in my life have I seen so many coconut trees all in one place. I literally had a glimpse at the wonders of the Creator, and it was just too much awesomeness.

“The conference was enlightening, opening my eyes to the real problems of the society, and ways in which my craft can be implemented in solving these issues. We were engaged in social activities like football, volleyball, swimming, and we had a proper meditative session. There was no dulling moment, the times were filled with positive vibes back to back.

“I give thanks to God for making it a successful trip to and fro, and for making sure there was no casualty of any sort. The organizers were amazing people; always attentive and willing to serve. My fellow travelers also were wonderful people. Knowledg was being passed on and on. It was a gathering of different kinds of beauty. My sincere gratitude goes to Mr Shola Animashaun, for giving me the opportunity to have this experience and looking out for us all during interim. More life, more blessings, a delegate, Ridwan Jedidiah said.”

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