Are they incognizant or they love their thralldom?

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By Festus Afofun

Ranging from #EndSARS to #ReformPoliceNg yet the deadly killings (extortion, threats, harassment, unprofessionalism) continues.

Special Anti-Robbery Squad abbreviated as SARS is a notorious unit of the Nigeria Police Force known for gross violation of human rights, exorbitant extortion from paraded suspects, deadly torture of citizens and high level of unprofessionalism across the street of Nigeria.

Nigerians both young and old woke to the task of utilizing their voices as a tool to stop the inhumane operations of the #SARS unit across Nigeria through protests of all kinds meddled with rebellion against anti people’s policies by the government.

The Protest lasted for weeks (though later met with violence and brutality by the tyrannical government of Nigeria) and a new policing System was demanded by the people which will favor the other units of the force and end all form of satanic policies in the force.

Unfortunately, most Police officers appears incognizant about the demands of the protesters, criminalizing a fight that centers on upgrading their wellbeing. Are they normal?
I was in a brief discussion with an aged police officer of “Inspector” rank sometimes last week, during the course of our conversation he outrightly condemn the #EndSARS protest nailing it as main cause of all destabilization in the country. He confidently vomited jagons without thinking twice of the nonsense he his saying and was supported by his fellow police officers.
On my part, I saw a good man being corruptibly designed to own evil which he had gullibly embraced in order to obtain a survival, less did he knows how he hurts humanity extensively. Then I throw at him some reality queries which he can’t lie about.

Oga Police! kindly answer my questions.

• Check your salary to that of a senator, then calculate how many years it will take you earn one month salary of a Nigeria senator?

• How are your barracks? are they standard and conducive enough for you?

• Can you live comfortably relying solely on your salary without collecting bribe?

• How comfortable are you buying police uniform yourself?

• How can you defend the fact that the ruffiles you use are bought by you personally especially Handcuffs?

• How SARS officials ridicule you and your rank?

• How you sponsor yourselves to trainings and workshops organized by Nigeria police?

• How CPs demands huge amount of money from you for promotion?

Then compare and contrast between you a police officer and the protesters; who needs to protest aggressively among you two? It’s clear to the blind and audible to the deaf that the system out of purpose impoverish security agents just to make them inhumane and repressive on their fellow citizens.
Police officers are being trained in academy that has taught them no better way to live. One can’t imagine the criminal neglect police have been subjected to in academies where they were trained.
The reality is right from the Academy, the Nigerian Police officer has known no better way to live, they are trained like fighting wolves with gross violation of human rights, brutalization, and impunity. How do one expect someone trained brutally to exhibit human feelings? Police have been subjected to psychological trauma and their mental health have being jeopardized. Can’t they recall this gory experiences of theirs?

I lost my sanity when I understands that Nigeria Police Force is the bane of Godfatherism. The nepotism in the Nigeria police system is invincible. Will you deny this fact?

It’s not the protesters that’s your problem, the system is! It is your responsibility to demand for your citizenry which the callous, impunious, and satanic regime has deny you over years.

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