Be the Doyen, Amirah of MSSN-Surulere charged all Attendees of Sisters’ Seminar and other members

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The Amirah of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria(MSSN), Surulere Area Council, Hajia Rofia Tijani M’Awwal had admonished Muslim sisters and members of the society to be the doyen in whatever field they find themselves. She stated this at the annual Sisters’ Seminar of the organization that was held at Beleke Smith Memorial Mosque, Surulere on 30th of May, 2021.

Cross – Section of participants at the Sisters’ Seminar

Her words: “The Doyen connote the most knowledgeable and senior member of a group. An extremely prominent person in her field, and therefore carries great authority and command respect.

“Examples of a Doyen can be seen in our predecessors and mothers of faith, the likes of Khadijah bnt Kuwaylid, Aisha bint Abubakri, Asiyah, Fateemah and the others, who are prominent individuals who have impacted so much to the society.

“It is therefore not good enough for us to bear their names without emulating them and having that zeal within us to be the best in whatever field we found ourselves, we should be among those who enjoin what is good and forbid what is bad.”

She however, admonished the participants to make use of social media positively. She said “When it comes to the use of social media, we tends to use them negatively without knowing we will account for the least of our deeds. For those of us on whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, let try to pass messages that will be of benefit to the society rather than using them to go against the warnings of Allah SWT and that of the Prophet (SAW).

“For the Prophet (SAW) said, for anyone who is doing things in the hiding and fear that people should not see or meet him there, it means it is a bad deed, and we must eschew from it.

“Finally, let follow our bad deeds with good deeds, it will erase it (such is the saying of the Prophet), seek sincere repentance from Allah SWT, such is the beauty of a a Doyen. We pray Allah SWT guide you aright, grant you all your good heart desires and uplift you in all ramifications.”

The Sister’s Seminar is an annual program of the society where topics of Sister’s importance are being addressed that usually held as part of MSSN Week.

As an organization that knows the value of education, MSSN, Surulere Area Council also organise Inter – Schools Quiz Competition as part of their 1442AH MSSN Week to motivate students to do better academically.

Eight Schools participated till final round stage, while 1st to 4th positions were rewarded with lofty gifts and cash prizes at the formal Closing / Prize Presentation Day.

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