Big Brother Season 5: Nigerian Music Students throw weights behind Ooni

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By Johnson Damola (President, Music Student’s Association of Nigeria, MUSAN, OAU Chapter)

The Music Students’ Association of Nigeria, MUSAN, OAU chapter throw its weight behind it’s life patron, the Imperial King Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife on his suggestion that BBN reality TV show is “misrepresenting the goodness and integrity of the Nigerian youth” and that the king’s suggestion for replacement should not be seen as an attack on DSTV or Multichoice Nigeria but as a clarion call and recommendation charging the African foremost cable TV to see the need for it at all times to channel the media power entrusted to it by the Nigeria people in re-presenting the youths in positive ways always. Large percentage of this youth get access to DSTV because their parents or guardians purchased DSTV and by doing so they have in a way entrusted a responsibility on DSTV.

I beseech Multichoice Nigeria should endeavour not to feed on youthful folly with DSTV kind of broadcast to earn easy money. The earnings from BBN might be juicy but it is at the detriment of the societal moral values and ethics.

Coming out to prove BBN is aired on international space so cannot be scrapped by any government or the broadcast is rated adult, is not what we expect from a household brand like DSTV. By now DSTV/GOTV should be wary of their status in every Nigerian home. They have over the year become an integral part of every household so therefore assumed a status where their media power can mar or make people at an unimaginable scale the result of what we are seeing on the BBN’s case.

They should be responsible for what effect their projections could bring to a larger populace rather than focusing on its gains to few people because it is almost impossible to stop DSTV in Africa. It is just like saying how it is almost impossible for any home in Nigeria not to have a Dangote product. If you don’t have Dangote tomato paste, you will have its salt, or sugar or you must have used its cement to build your house. That is the level DSTV has got to in the media products productions.

I can recall that BBN 2020 promises to put over 2billion into the economy as disclosed by financial sector sources and this economic values will be felt in several ancillary industries and support services of the Nigerian creative and entrepreneurial industries such as set design, photography, audio-visual production, fashion and beauty.

Therefore, it has to be a decisive decision by DSTV to stop airing BBN and source for a replacement Reality TV content that can present the same economic values BBN brings to the Nigerian economy and impact moral and ethical values of the people.

I could remember, one of the students’ association’s members walked up to me last year with a very viable Reality TV content, that could conveniently drive an existing market of over $1billion in Nigeria. His content’s capacity to create thousands direct jobs, livelihood and wealth for our teeming talented youths is promising.

The content has a workable model to empower over 20,000 youths for immediate opportunities

Drive multi-million investments and patronage of our local automobile manufacturers.

Drive multi million pro-audio equipment sales.

Fosters academia-industry integration.

And I was most impressed and engrossed by the content’s cultural heritage conservation nature proving there is inseparable link between culture and entertainment. I believe if this student can work with Multichoice on his content and get necessary supports then Multichoice will earn more and impact better on more people.

2 thoughts on “Big Brother Season 5: Nigerian Music Students throw weights behind Ooni

  1. You are absolutely right!..The show is just for entertainment, bringing people about who simply do stuffs together,enjoying themselves and then gain money just like that…This is making people presume(esp. the youths) that we can live our lives anyhow without having moral values.Where did all our training go to…we can’t live our lives anyhow without glorifying God and having some integrity.

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