Children in Agbado Oke Aro LCDA celebrate Xmas party

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Children and adults in Agbado Oke Aro LCDA came out in their large number to catch fun at the 2nd edition of annual Agbado Oke Aro LCDA Xmas children party, organized by the office of the Vice Chairperson of the LCDA, Hon (Mrs) Olagunju Oluwatoyin Adebo.

The event which was held on 21st of December, 2018 at NUD Primary School, Agbado had several dignitaries as well as community leaders in attendance which include; representatives of Alagbado of Agbado, King Shyllon Adedayo Shobulu; Hon Ganiyu Alani Oyedeji, member, Ogun State House of Assembly, Ifo constituency 2; Hon Toheeb Davies, Secretary to the local government and Alhaji Dannies Bello (FCA), APM constituency secretary. Others are Prince Adebanjo, Zonal CDC Chairman, Ifo; Deacon O. M. Olapade, Matogbun Area CDC chairman, Elder Awe, Orudu CDC chairman; Pastor Adeleke, IMA CDC chairman; Elder Onifade, Agbado Area CDC chairman.

Several entertaining and educative activities took place at the event which include; dance competition, shoe searching, dancing around chairs, bouncing castle as well as dancing competition for parents and children. All the winners in each category was award fabulous prizes such as ankara fabrics among other things.

The Vice Chairperson, Hon (Mrs) Olagunju Oluwatoyin Adebo in an exclusive interview with our correspondent said she have been doing the programme before she became Vice Chairperson but on a low key. “I have been doing this before assumption of office as the Vice Chairperson. This is how have been doing it for the children in my community in a low key, but last year, I did it in LCDA wise. Before, I don’t do it in LCDA wise, I normally do it in my community where I stay. But after my election and assumption in the office as the Vice Chairperson, last year is the first year in the office and we did Xmas party here, we organized it for the children of the LCDA for them to have a sense of belonging of what is been happening in other LCDAs and local government in Lagos State.”

“The event will add values to the children because of the festive period we are and to just make the children of this LCDA to know that they have government that have them in mind. That is why we are inviting the children for them to know that we are in new LCDA under Ifo local government. My advice for the children is that they should be good children and they should face their studies squarely, she added.”

Some dignitaries at the event also aired their views about the event. Hon Ganiyu Alani Oyedeji while addressing the crowd commended the Vice Chairperson for a well done job and pray that she would able to continue and sustain the brilliant programme. He also commended the parents for bringing their children to the event.

Dr. Ayodele Falas, Group Chairman, Royal Progressive Group of CDAs, Araromi Oke Odo Area CDC have this to say “normally, I tried to be selective in terms of any function, I took the risk and I think is the risk that really worth taken. I enjoyed myself and the children also enjoyed themselves as well. This programme will definitely add a lot of values to the children. Is not just catching fun, there are some area that has to do with education. You can hear them shouting, they enjoy themselves and I advice the Vice Chairperson to continue the programme and God will help her in her pursuit.”

Deacon O. M. Olapade, Matogbun Area CDC chairman also have this to say:
“Today’s event is symbolical, creating impression that children are important, they are leaders of tomorrow. Offend the elder, there is no problem but if you offend the children, you have a problem. The chairperson is creating an impression that the children are leaders of tomorrow and in so doing, she is creating leaders now to vision that all these children are going to be greater tomorrow. Instinctively, we are inculcating in the children that what we are doing today is going to be an example of tomorrow. Sincerely, the Vice Chairperson does not have the capacity to host the children in the whole of Agbado Oke Aro LCDA but in her own limit, in her own little way, she has done her best. So I give kudos to her.”
“My advice to the Vice Chairperson is this, if you wait until you have before you give, you will end up not giving, he added.”

Prince Adebanjo, Ifo Zonal CDC Chairman commended the Vice Chairperson for taking the decision to make the children of the LCDA happy, adding that this year edition is bigger than that of last year and pray that Almighty God will continue to bless her.

The Head of the organizing committee who is also the right lieutenant to the Vice Chairperson, Comrade (Chief) Taiwo Olusegun said the programme is not politically motivated, adding that the programme will be holding annually wheather the Vice Chairperson is in office or not.

“My appreciation goes to all present right from Kabiyesi, the community leaders, youth and women leaders, politicians present, CSO group leaders, LCDA authorities, other govt parastata agencies, OGHA member, parent and guardians, family and friends, the children that responded, he added.”

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