COVID-19: Oshodi/Isolo LG Support Private School Teachers With N10,000 Each

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In an effort to reduce the financial difficulties private school teachers are going through in the country following closure of schools as a result of coronavirus pandemic, the Oshodi/Isolo Local Government has given financial palliatives to some private school teachers in the council.

The council chairman, Hon Bolaji Muse Ariyoh, who out of his magnanimity swiftly approved given of palliatives to some private school teachers who storm the local government for a bail out of the financial problems orchestrated by closure of schools and non payment of salaries by school owners due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hon Muse Ariyoh who asked the Secretary to the Local Government, Hon Taoheed Oladipupo to give out the palliatives to the private school teachers further reassures them of his administration’s support for their welfare.

Ariyoh emphasised that welfare of the people of the council remains paramount to his administration and would do everything to ensure people are adequately attended to.

While presenting the cash to the teachers, Hon Oladipupo said the decision to speedily approved the teachers appeal was due to welfarism oriented government of Hon Ariyoh administration.

Oladipupo said the council is concerned with the plight of private school teachers since their salaries have not paid for over three months due to COVID-19.

“Our concern for the welfare of people around us is the first thing that made the council chairman speedily approved given of this financial support to the private school teachers today.

Looking at the conditions of private schools in the country today, one will know that the teachers working in many of those schools are not being paid in this period of school closure, we feel reaching out to some of them in our local government will help reduce their challenges financial wise,” Oladipupo asserted.

Adding that as part of its welfare and concern for the people, Oladipupo said;
“in the past, especially at the first phase of the total lock down, the council has been in the forefront of making palliatives available for our people”.

Each of the six beneficiaries smiled home with N10,000 as pallatives by the council as a financial assistance to them in this difficult time.

One of the beneficiaries, Ezekiel Daisi, who spoke on behalf of others thanked the council authority for their kind gesture.

“This is kind gesture which we never expected, we never taught our appeal will be given this speedy approval and with this amount given to us, we remain tremendous grateful, may God continue to bless you sir,” he said.

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