Easter should be more celebrated than Christmas – Pastor Onaolapo

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The General Overseer of Christ The King Rescue Global Ministry (CKREGLOM), Pastor Onaolapo Gabriel has admonished Christians to celebrate Easter more than Christmas. He stated this in an exclusive interview with our correspondent in his office after Easter Sunday service held on 21th of April, 2019 at the church premises.

He said; “Easter is a time decided by the church fathers over 2000 years ago or there about to mark the time of ressurection of Christ. Of course for my own perspective and believe, I submit to the fact that Easter should be more celebrated than Christmas because Christmas heralded the entry of Christ in the world but Easter tells us about the conclusion of his assignment, which resulted into success and victory for believers all over the world today. So, in as much as is good to celebrate Christmas; which is the time of birth of Christ, is also more important to celebrate the time of ressurection,; which marks the time Christ rescued the world from the power of Satan and of second death. Is through ressurection of Christ that will have access to God and have internal life as believers in Christ.

Pastor Onaolapo also admonished Christian faithfuls to always have faith in God. He said; “People are disturbed, people are depressed, people are confused because of the situation both politically, socially, economically, professionally and what are view but with Christ in us, the future is bright. I want to enjoy all Christians world over to hold on to their faith, never to compromise, not minding the signs of the present times, with Christ in them, they can overcome the world. Christ had given us victory over poverty, over failure, over defeat, over sickness, over confusion and crisis and if we believe firmly in him and hold on to our confession, we are going to become victors, we are going to become overcomers, we are going to become winners and celebrated conquerors. So, I want to encourage Christians world over not to be discouraged or allow present situations to get them to compromise but rather they should be resolute, believe in Christ and forge on, if they forge ahead, victory is sure.”

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