Elizam International Group of Schools Literary and Debate Day

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Parents and pupils of Elizam International Group of Schools came out in their large number to celebrate their annual Literary and Debate Day. The event which was held on Saturday, 6th of April at the school premises in Adura, Ijaiye Ojokoro LCDA, Lagos is meant to bring out the best in the pupils and to inculcate the habit of learning in them .

The cordinator of the school, Mr Seun Olaifa in a interview with our correspondent said “Today’s programme is an annual programme that has started since 2014, it is been use to bring out the best from the students and to add values to them. The value this programme will add to the pupils is intellectual values that will go a long way in the future because in the society, many people intend to have some results which they wouldn’t be able to defend, so I think with this kind of programme, our pupils will be able to stand in front of people to defend anything they have.”

Olaifa then advised the parents to develop interest in the programme, he said “My advice for the parents is for them to develop more interest in this programme because in Nigeria today we have a lot of illiterate parents that doesn’t know the value of education but with this programme now, if they see their children bubbling in educational line, it will add more joy to their joy.

“This event is going to take our pupils to greater level, they are attaining greater height in the future with this programme because it will add more confidence to their confidence and it will add more values to them,” he added.

The pupils of the school debate extensively on a topic “Mothers are more hard working than fathers in the upbringing of children.” At the end of the debate, the opposing group emerged winner with 1,156 votes, while the supporting group earn 1,126 points.

Overall best students for the senior category are Opeyemi Adedeji (1st) and Itunu Babatunde (2nd), while that of junior category are Bilewu Rofiat (1st) and Obafemi Darasimi (2nd).

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