Embrace Peaceful Elections, Vote Best Candidates – Kosofe Post

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The Publisher of the Kosofe Post (KP) and Principal correspondent, Bilesanmi ‘KOKO’ Abayomi, has called on the people of Kosofe to eschew violence and vote for the best candidates as they prepare for the Presidential and National Assembly elections scheduled for the weekend.

In a message to citizens, KOKO urged them to embrace peace and shun violence as they cast their votes for their preferred candidates. He emphasized the importance of citizens going out en masse on Saturday and casting their votes for well-prepared candidates for the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives.

KOKO stressed that citizens must use the golden opportunity presented on Saturday to put an end to the Blame Game Syndrome (BGS) by voting for candidates who will salvage the nation from monumental failure and untold hardship.

In addition, KOKO appealed to citizens to shun tribesmen and idiot sets of people in community narratives and be good citizens.

He emphasized the need for citizens to do things the right way, obey traffic rules, drive within speed limits, respect the laws of the land, and not cheat in exams. If citizens are in government, they should not steal but promote projects that benefit everyone.

KOKO urged citizens to shun religious politics and vote for candidates based on their ability to provide good leadership or representation, without religious sentiment.

The message from the Kosofe Post is a timely reminder for citizens to exercise their right to vote peacefully and to select candidates who have the nation’s best interests at heart. It is hoped that citizens will heed this call and make their voices heard in a peaceful and democratic manner.

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