Ewa Iyin: Christians praise Jesus in grand style

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Christian faithfuls in Agbado Oke Aro and beyond came out in their large numbers to celebrate Jesus Christ as He ressurect in a programme tagged “Ewa Iyin (The beauty and chronicle of hymns).”

The event which is meant to mark the ressurection of Jesus Christ took place on Monday 22nd of April, 2019 at Christ The King Rescue Global Ministry, Yewande, Oke Aro and was well attended by Christian leaders and prominent personalities, which include; Pastor Gabriel Onaolapo (GO, Christ The King Rescue Global Ministry), Pastor Segun Obafemi (GO, Great Shepherd Ministry), Pastor (Dr.) Wunmi Adetukasi (Founder, Divine Grace Prayer Ministry) Pastor Shola (Resident Pastor, Christ The King Rescue Global Ministry), Mr Bolaji Ajibola, Babalola Sunday, Deaconess M. O Taiwo, as well as Comrade Bolaji (Treasurer, NYCN, Agbado Oke Aro LCDA Chapter).

The convener of the event, Comrade Taiwo Olusegun in an interview with our correspondent said; “Today’s programme is part of remembrance of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; is to mark His ressurection in a special way. We are also trying to look into the hymns, how is been sing today and how is been done yester years just to put abnormality to correction and we have expert on ground that will do justice to that.”

“One of the values this event will add to the participants is that it will change their mode of singing hymns in their respective churches and they will also acquire more knowledge as we have experts here today, particularly Mr Bolaji Ajibola from Hymnodia, a TV hymns programme, he added.”

Taiwo then advised the choir members to be more disciplined and dedicated to the work of God, adding that their attitude at times don’t help the church.

The Lead Discussant Mr Bolaji Ajibola in his speech admonished choristers to take their ministry seriously, adding that they are occupying a very vital aspect of any church. He also urged them (Choristers) to learn in the right way by acquiring the classical style of music, saying that will enable them to learn any other style of music easily, particularly the contemporary style of music. He then encourage church leaders to always catch the young ones early by giving them proper and right musical training.

Pastor Gabriel Onaolapo in his closing remark commended the convener of the event, Comrade Taiwo Olusegun and his wife for a well done job. “It is high time church leaders start giving music it rightful place in the church, which start from budgeting. This is one of the reasons most Christians venture into worldly music because they earn more money there than singing gospel music. For church music to flourish, we must give music it rightful place in trading. I enjoy Christians to domesticate music to African style because music and culture go hand in hand, he asserted.”

Mrs Maria Ojo Taiwo, the wife of the convener in her vote of thanks appreciate everyone present, particularly the General Overseers and the Lead Discussant, Mr Bolaji Ajibola. “I urge everyone to always support us both in kind and cash in order to move this laudable programme forward, she added.”

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