Expect more from Easy Life in 2022 – Ade Daniel

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The Special Assistant on Special Duties to the Honourable representing Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, Hon. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka popularly called Easy Life has assured the youths in the constituency that his principal, Easy Life will do more to support them in the year 2022 so that they can be self-sufficient.

Ade Daniel disclosed this to our correspondent at the end of the year get-together party put together by Area CDC Youth Leaders in Agbado axis on Sunday. He said:

“By 2022, one of our key agenda is to ensure that every youth are actively engaged in one economic activity, job creation, skill development, and support. Is not just about empowerment but enterprising empowerment, empowerment that could make youths stand on their own. Hon. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka is committed to support the youths just like past 2 to 3 months, over 100 youths has been supported; at least I could count how we distributed about 12 motorcycles to some youths for them to be able to generate income, we have trained over 50 youths also on agric, at the same time, Hon. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka has also supported youths with POS machines, funds, and even the kiosk was given to them and they were fully trained by the bank.

“At the same time, the youths have benefitted from the MSME cash transfer grants that was given to youths, at least average of some youths across the constituency also benefitted from about #400,000 to #1,000,000 each to start an enterprising business. So in the year 2022, the youths should expect more of this, more of this is coming to the youths, enterprising empowerment, that is, empowerment support that would make the youths stand on their own, that is what our youths should expect from Hon. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka by 2022.”

Ade Daniel then admonished the youths that they should have a symbol they will be known for. “My advice for them is that they must be known for something, every youth must have a symbol if I ask you what is your symbol, your symbol is your work, your symbol is your talent, your symbol is your skill. As a youth, you must have something you can render to the society that will generate income for you legitimately, so it is important that every youth that does not have one skill or the other should go and acquire a skill, should go and get a talent, should go and have a mind of what they can offer the society and they can make money from, it is very important, legitimately, so that no youth will become a liability to our society.

“It is important, they must acquire something economically viable for them to be able to stand on their own as a youth, that is my advice for our youths and I must tell them that they must, it’s not an option because we don’t want our youths to be liability to our society or our leaders, we want them to be economically viable on their own, that is our desire for our youths and it is a very good desire. Every father wants his sons to be independent economically and that is what Hon. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka has in plan for all our youths and I will urge all our youths as the youth representative in the cabinet of Hon. Ibrahim Ayokenle Isiaka, I will encourage them to get something doing. It is when they have something doing that we can support. If they have skill they learn, then we can now support with equipment when they have talent, that is when we can help them develop the talent. If they have academic aspirations, that is when we can support them. If they have leadership aspiration, that is when we can support them. They must have something they want us to support them with, not just coming empty, they must be willing to do something, then we support them to expand and grow,” he added.

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