Father, sons Arrested For Rape In Matogbun

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A man known as Lekan, age 27 was alleged to have rape a single mother of one, age 24 known as Victoria (not real name) on Friday, 12th of October, 2018 in his apartment at Ayeniro Street, Off Ire Akari Estate, Matogbun.

According to an eye witness report, Lekan is the son of the care taker of the shop rented by Victoria, where she do her fashion business. It was gathered that the accused approached the victim, which she turned down but the accused later sent his younger brother, Ade to call the victim on the pretext that their father, the caretaker that is calling her.

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Victoria said immediately she got inside his apartment, Lekan closed the door from behind and request for sex.She claimed to have told him she was on her menstruation but Lekan brought out matchet to threatened her, tore her pant, saw menstral pad, and still made love with her by force.
After satisfying himself, Lekan opened the door for her to leave, but the victim went back after some hours to get her tore pant and menstrual pad and she met the caretaker who is popularly called Baba Meto in his son’s room but Baba Meto accused the victim that what was she looking for in his son’s room,which prompted the victim to report the incident to the police.

Lekan who was formerly on the run later showed up at the police station, when he learnt that the police had arrested his father and younger brother, Ade. But he claimed to have known the victim for over six months, which she (victim) denied. But when his father confirm that the victim have not use up to six months in the shop rented out to her in particular and the area in general and when she rent the shop Lekan was not around. So Lekan confessed that she has not meet her before and confirmed that he raped her.

The eye witness also claimed that the police found the toured pant, soaked pad and matchet as evidence.
As at the time of filling this report, the police have free the father, Baba Meto for his innocency but Lekan and Ade are still in custody.

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