Gender Base Violence: Expert launches book to educate young people

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In an attempt to educate the young adults and the general public on the menace of Gender Base Violence in our society, a gender base expert cum humanitarian, Titilayo Meraiyebu Ogunbanbi has launched a book titled Emerge.

The launch that took place at Eko Hotel and Suit on Saturday, 27th of August, 2022 was well attended by several personalities from far and near, which include; Mrs. Abigail Tyoden (Wife of the Deputy Governor of Plateau State), Chief and Mrs. A. O Meraiyebu, Mrs. Ayodele Ogunbanbi, Mr. Ife Ogunbanbi, Pastor Akinwale Ogundipe, Stephanie Adesanya (Director, American Corner, Ikeja), Dr. Ayobami Meraiyebu, Chief and Mrs. Balogun as well as Mr. Abayomi Afolabi.

The author, Titilayo Meraiyebu Ogunbanbi, who is also the Founder of Boundless Hands Africa Initiative appreciate everyone for coming to celebrate her as she launch her book, emerge. She said writing and launching the book is one of her most important dreams.

“My journey over the last 10 years has been creating a society where everyone is free to live and happy, safe from violence free life and has been my driving force. This is not about you or me here today, it is about our children and the decision we make today to address this societal norms and beliefs that continue to endanger our lives is very important,” Titilayo asserted.

She however said writing the 10 chapter book, was her selfish move to set girl child free. Her words: “Writing emerge was a selfish move of mine, to be honest. I lost a friend, I needed assurance that we wouldn’t loose a gem because no one spoke up or stood up for her. I was 12 when she was married off and all I could think was re-vengeance but today, I am happy that the anger led me to learn how to use my voice to safe my community on gender base encounters, with my voice, I have founded Boundless Hands Africa Initiative to champion the prevention of Gender Base Violence in our communities and advocate for policies that will protect us from the injustice of Gender Base Violence. Since 2016, Boundless Hands Africa has advance the health and well-being of Gender Base Violence Survivals by facilitating access to sexual reproductive health care and information, providing psycho-social support to victims of sexual abuse and sensitizing and empowering women and girls in many under-served communities with skills and knowledge needed to succeed. My team and I have successfully implemented over 38 interventions, reaching over 25,000 people face to face and through our online channels.”

The wife of the Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Mrs. Abigail Tyoden in her speech commended the author, Titilayo for all her work and contributions towards preventing Gender Base Violence. She also congratulate her and those that work with her while writing the book. She however said she has known Titilayo as a lovely and dedicated person since her childhood. She equally admonished everyone to support her by echoing her voice in order to sensitize and enlighten young ones so that Gender Base Violence can be eliminated.

The husband of the author, Mr. Ife Ogunbanbi in an interview with journalists said the book is unique and it will serve as a source of inspiration to anyone who read it to work on protecting the girl child in their own space, adding that the book is like manual for advocates of Gender Base Violence. He however, advised parents to treat both their male and female children equally.

The Founder and Executive Director of Women’s Rights and Health Project, Bose Ironsi said the book is throwing more light to the reality in our society, in our homes, and how people are navigating to solve the problem, and is a call to everyone to do better in their respective corners so that we can reduce Gender Base Violence.

“The book, emerge is a must read for everybody; male, female, politicians, policy makers so that they can understand the other side of the story, not only from their perspective but from others perspective and I wish everybody should have a copy and I congratulate the writer,” Bose added.

Highlight of the event include; panelist session as well as entertainment by pupils of School on the Street.

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