JAULAS hold Ramadan lecture, special prayer

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Jahmiyyat Ulamas Soliheen of Nigeria (JAULAS), an Islamic scholars organization that comprises Islamic scholars in Matogbun, Maidan, Legun, Osere and environs held their annual rotational Ramadan lecture on.

The Ramadan lecture which was hosted by members of the organization in Osere was held at Sheik Garu Central Mosque, Osere on Sunday, 12th of May, 2019 and was well attended by Muslim faithfuls and prominent Islamic scholars such as Sheik Solihudeen Adegboola, Chief Imam Matogbun Central Mosque; Sheik AbdulGaniy, Sheik AbdukRazak, Chief Imam Ijeja Central Mosque, Sheik Yushau AbdulKareem, Chief Imam, Maidan Central Mosque, Sheik AbdulRazak Tajudeen (Hasibunalahu), Sheik Lookman (Imeko) as well as Sheik AbdulQodir (Istijabah).

The Guest Lecturer, Sheik Nojeemdeen Salaudeen (Suglul) while delivering his lecture titled “the role of religious leaders in politics” enjoyed Muslims to get involve in politics saying is not a dirty game and that God created us in the world to manage the world and not to destroy it.

“I urge everyone of you to discover yourself because discovering yourself will enable you to discover or know your God. Allah didn’t create us to punish us as he has given us knowledge, intelligent and necessary tools to manage the world.” He added.

The Chairman of JAULAS, Sheik Kamil Al-Awwal Garu who is also the Chief Imam of Sheik Garu Central Mosque while delivering his vote of thanks appreciate everyone present and briefly mention the mission of the organization. “After the last year Ramadan lecture held at Legun, we were able to registered our organization, JAULAS with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the help of someone who supported us with the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (#150,000). We are currently working on how to establish Islamic Health Centre for Muslims at subsidize rate. I admonished Muslim faithfuls to support us in order to achieve this brilliant project.” Sheik Kamil asserted.

Highlight of the event include; recitation from the Holy Qur’an, praises and blessing to the noble Prophet as well as special prayer for Muslim Community in particular and Nigeria in general.

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