JAULAS holds annual Ramadan Lecture, installed Alh Lukman Garu Fakharul Ulamah

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Jahmiyyat Ulamas Soliheen of Nigeria (JAULAS), an Islamic organization that comprises Islamic scholars in Matogbun, Maidan, Legun, Osere, and environs held their annual rotational Ramadan lecture on Sunday, 3rd of April 2022 (2nd of Ramadan 1443) at Matogbun Central Mosque New Site.

2022 (1443) edition of the Ramadan Lecture which was hosted by members of the organization in Matogbun was indeed a spectacular edition as the organization not only organize Ramadan Lecture and special prayers for the nation but also installed the CEO of Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd, Alhaji Lukman Lawal Garu Fakharul Ulamah (The pride of Islamic Scholars), while Alhaja Halimat Opeyemi and Alhaja Khadija Arigbabuwo were made the matrons of the organization.

The Lecturer, Shaykh Kamil Muh. Awwal Garu in his lecture titled “Islamic Law of Inheritance” admonished Muslims to embrace the Islamic Law of Inheritance saying it is the best and just way of sharing property left behind by the deceased adding that both male and female children of the deceased, as well as other members of the deceased family share and percentage of the inheritance, has been stipulated by Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur’an.

According to him, factors to be considered before sharing of will or inheritance are; the owner of the property must be confirmed dead, inheritors must be alive and the relationship of the inheritors with the owner (deceased) must be established.

“Factors that make someone entitled to will or inheritance of the deceased are; blood relation, marriage bond and master of slave (which is no longer in practice). Impediments to inheritance are; slavery, homicide as well as the difference in religion.

“According to Shari’a 15 male members of the deceased family are entitled to his or her property but 3 are the major ones and if these 3 major ones are available, the other 12 are no longer qualify to inherit the deceased. The 3 are; the father of the deceased, the son(s) of the deceased, and the husband of the deceased. On the other hand, 10 female members of the deceased family can inherit his/her property but 5 are the major, and if the 5 are available other 5 are no longer qualify, they are; the daughter of the deceased, the deceased granddaughter (from his son), wife, mother and full sisters.

“After combining the 5 major female inheritors and the 3 major male inheritors then 5 among them will eventually inherit the deceased, which are; father, mother, son(s), daughter(s) as well as husband/wife of the deceased.

“A deceased that left behind a daughter, such daughter will get half ¹/² of her father property, if the deceased was survived with more than a daughter without a male child, the female children will share ⅔ of the property among themselves. If the deceased is survived by male and female children, the property will be shared on a ratio of 2:1, that is 2 to the male children and 1 to the female children.

“The wife of the deceased will get ¹/⁴ of her husband’s property if the deceased does not have any child, in a situation where the deceased has more than a wife, the ¹/⁴ will be shared among the wives. If the deceased has a child either from the widow or not, her share of the property will be ¹/8. The wife that is entitled to the deceased property is one that there is a marriage bond between her and the deceased before the demise of the deceased, not a divorced wife. The mother of the deceased will get ¹/6 when her child left children or siblings behind, ¹/³ if the deceased has no child. The father of the deceased gets ¹/³ of the property if the deceased have son(s) ¹/6 if the deceased has daughter(s).”

Shaykh Kamil Garu said the following must be done before sharing of the deceased property commence; payment of zakat if the deceased property is worth zakat and he has not done so before his death, funeral expenses must be taken from the deceased property, payment of any debt the deceased is owing as well as execution of the will written by the deceased to give those that are not entitled to his will if the deceased did that. He said the will written by the deceased while alive is an act of charity that is meant to be given to the poor and members of his family that are not entitled to his inheritance.

The CEO of Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd, Alhaji Lukman Lawal Garu in his acceptance speech appreciate the organization, JAULAS for the honour bestowed on him adding that he has been refusing so many Islamic titles because he knows a lot of responsibilities are attached to Islamic title, which many don’t know and he doesn’t want to accept any title that he will not make a meaningful impact. However, he said he is optimistic that the caliber of people in JAULAS will enable him to make positive contributions and impact, and believe the Islamic Scholars are always behind him.

The matrons, Alhaja Halimat Opeyemi and Alhaja Khadija Arigbabuwo also appreciate Almighty Allah and the organization for counting them worthy to be their matrons and promise to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the organization in particular and Islam in general.

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