Lagos gubernatorial debate: candidates roll out their manifestos

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Youth and concern citizens of Lagos came out in their large number to interact with the candidates who are vying to take the charge of the state for another four (4) years.

The event which was held at Civic Hive, Sabo, Yaba on Wednesday had the following candidates in attendance Mr Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi (ADP), Architect Abiodun Dabiri (ANRP), Mr Francis Adebayo (ANN), Mr Funso Awe (NCP), Mrs Adebisi Ogunsanya (YPP), Dr Tokunbo Pearson (SDP), Mr Oluwaseun Ajireloja (AAC), Mr Ladipo Johnson (ANP), Mr Olusegun Musa (ANDP) as well as Prof Ifagbemi Awamaridi.

The event was kicked start with recitation of stanza 2 of the national anthem, followed by reading out the debate guidelines by the moderator.

The candidates after introducing themselves talked extensively about policies, strategies and budgeting they have in stock for the state such as waste management, electricity, health, security, education, economy and governance.

The programme manager, YALI Network Lagos, Ilori Julius in an interaction with the press, admonished the youths to get involved, adding that the programme is meant for young people to ask the candidates questions on issues affecting them.

“Basically, this programme is to create the platform for young people to ask questions, to engage the candidates who want to come on board to be the next governor of Lagos State. We want to create platform for young people to engage these people, to ask questions affecting them. Is very important for young people to know that they need to be part of electioneering process, which is one of the major things that can take Nigeria or Lagos to the next place we want it to be. So, we actually want to create a platform and is a continuation of our 9ja vote count campaign, which was launched by the US ambassador in September.

“This programme will start changing our orientation that there is need for a debate. Before I give you my vote, I need to hear what you plan to do. It will create that sense of responsibility between the electorates and people that are contesting. We need to engage them, why do you need my vote? Why do you think I need to vote for you? What are your profiles? What have you achieved? What are the things you plan to do in the major sectors; health, infrastructure, security and poverty? What are your plans to solve these problems?

“My advise to young people is to get involved. Let’s jump on it, we are ready, we need to keep engaging them, we need to say no to violence in the forthcoming elections, there should be no violence. What is happening right now is really crazy and we don’t want this to continue. Young people need to know how to get involved not in a violence manner. Let’s work together and make sure there is no violence. We also engage the necessary stakeholders for them to be aware of their roles.”

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