Launch #EndBadRoads struggle in Ifo, Soweto tell Ifo Youths

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The National Youth Leader of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Comrade Taiwo Hassan Soweto has call on the youths in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State to emulate the #EndSARS struggle to launch a struggle tagged #EndBadRoads in order to make demand against bad roads, fuel price hike, hike in VAT and electricity tariff, high cost of living and all anti-poor policies.

Soweto who is also the candidate of SPN in the 2019 Ogun State House of Assembly election made the call while delivering a lecture titled “awakening Nigeria youth from socio-political comatose” at a sensitization programme put together by Matogbun Area CDC Youth Wing on Sunday, 8th of November, 2020 at the Community Hall, Matogbun.

Part of his speech reads: “Despite all its limitations, the #EndSARS struggle at least won the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). If this struggle can win victory, is that not enough reason to emulate it here in Ifo where we suffer from bad roads and lack of basic amenities? Is it possible to also have an #EndBadRaods Struggle in Ifo LGA? Such a struggle can also make demands against fuel price hike, hike in VAT and electricity tariff, high cost of living and all anti-poor policies.

“These are the kind of critical thinking that young people in our communities need to begin to have. This is because the youth are actually an important part of society. We are about 70% of the population.

“Therefore, we have as much stake as anyone in terms of how society should be organised. If we should decide to have an #EndBadRoads struggle here in Ifo LGA, I think this would mean that our discourse today has actually achieved real progress and I can assure you that the same way my organisation stood firmly with the #EndSARS protest, we shall stand firmly with your own struggles as well until victory.

“But then just as it is impossible to clap with one hand, the youth alone cannot change society. To put an end to the condition of mass poverty in the midst of plenty, in order words capitalism, the working class especially those organised in trade unions need lead the struggle. This is as a result of the role of workers in the capitalist system of production as those who produce the wealth of society. Due to this, the workers have acquired the power not only to disrupt the workings of the capitalist system of production through strikes but also to bring forth a new society. Therefore any struggle that aims for the liberation of Nigeria from capitalism must involve the working class in a leading position.”

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