MAMI celebrates 5 years anniversary in grand style, announces change of name

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A humanitarian organisation known as Make A Move Initiative (MAMI) on Saturday, July 30 celebrated her fifth year anniversary.

The event which took place at Justice Sector Service, Ojodu Berger in Lagos state was graced by personalities from all works of life. Entrepreneurs, teachers, writers, journalists, business men and women, and other professionals were present at the profound and colourful event to mark the half a decade anniversary of the organisation.

Make A Move Initiative (MAMI) is a NonGovernment Organization committed to the Global goals (SDG 1, 4, & 8). It was founded in 2017 with a mission to help provide lasting solutions to most of the social impediments and societal encumbrances challenging the person and professional progress of young people, especially secondary school students.

The major highlight of the event is the official announcement of the change of the organisation’s name and display of the new logo.

According to the Visionary, Alice Temiloluwa Babalola popularly known as ATBInspires the slight change in name was necessitated by some requirements by the corporate affairs commission during registration of the organization.

The organisation which was formerly known as Make A Move Initiative (MAMI) at inception and up till the celebration of its fifth year anniversary will now be known as MAMI Inspirational Foundation, Alice announced to the gleeful audience at the event.

As the organization launched the new name and logo, it also launched another 5 years plan to empower minimum of 500 teenagers with necessary skills, mental equipping and capacity building for nations development.

Speaking at the event, ATBInspires underscored the importance of mentoring in the lives of youth as they set out into the world with so much uncertainty and doubt as to what the future has in stock for them.

She stated that one of the objectives of MAMI is to provide proper guidance and counselling for these youths in a fast-paced where one lose it quickly if there’s no adequate mentoring.

Her words “The grooming and mentoring of the youth is fast turning into a relic of the past in our society. The frustrating after effects of this awful development are clearly seen in the reckless way of living, inappropriate life decisions and irrational conduct of young ones in our society, and in turn, the result is what we are experiencing in the larger society today – insecurity, rising crimes (cyber crimes especially) and uninhibited display of moral vices.

“So more than ever there before, there is a compelling need to rescue our young people and help build them proper foundations for a successful future leveraging on rewarding career pathways and positive role models. Our communities, at a time like this, are in dire need of young ones who will be more responsible, responsive and resilient in building a better future; building a better Nigeria, one that we can all boast of more passionately; an upright nation filled with moral living and highly productive citizens.”

Speaking further she averred that it’s quite imperative for the youths to have a foundation on top which proper and strong future can be built, noting that that’s why the core of the initiative goal is to visit and tour schools development programme that is aimed an holistic coaching intervention on personal development and capacity building, which usually takes place between January to March across the country in different secondary schools.

She said “The program is designed to tackle the challenges that are currently plaguing our society such as insecurity, rising crimes, inhibited display of moral vices, inability to make right choices or decisions, lack of guidance and counseling, and peer pressure.”

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