Matogbun Area CDC Statutory Meeting

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The good people of Matogbun Area CDC came out in their large numbers on Thursday, 4th of October, 2018 to deliberate on how to move their community forward. The meeting which was held at Amadex Hall, Koye Town was hosted by High Profile Group 9 of CDAs and had several community leaders in attendance, including the Baale of Koye Town, Chief Adebisi Ogunremi.

The meeting began with an opening prayer, followed by recitation of community anthem. Afterward, Deacon O. M Olapade, Chairman, Matogbun Area CDC welcome everyone to the 10th edition of the meeting in the year 2018 and prayed that all members will witness the last one of the year with good health, adding that meeting don’t usually hold in the month of December. He then commended those that used to attend the meeting regularly.


The chairman also enlighten the members on importance of Area CDC. According to him “Area CDC meeting brings about development to the community. Community meeting bring all the developmental projects we are seeing in our community now, such drainage, bridges, culverts roads, electricity, among other things and all these bring relief to the people of the community.”


“Community meeting also mobilize people for successful implementation of government projects, it attract provision of amenities in the community,it relief government of some burdens and the major important of Area CDC meeting is information dissemination.”


The Group chairman of High Profile Group of CDAs, Alhaji F. S. Ajijola while delivering his welcome address said the group has fulfilled it promise made last year that the group will expand it scope. Part of his speech reads “To refresh our memory, the last time we played host to this powerful meeting, we promised to expand our scope in other to reduce the burden on our CDAs and members for hosting the group twice in a year by some CDAs. Thank God that has been achieved. We are fidelity. We keep our words.”


On development projects, Aijola says “paucity of funds had been a general challenge for all the CDAs but not withstanding some laudable achievement had been made.”


“Road: most of the CDAs continued to maintain their roads by filling up the bad portions with laterite and gravels, while some graded their roads before the rains. Others were engaged in drainage channels construction to control erosion and flooding. Five hundred and seventy seven thousand naira (#577,000) has been spent on road.”


“Electricity: the two transformers within the group has been giving members a lot of challenges. They are constantly breaking down largely due to over loading because of increase in population. A lot of money had been spent on the transformers in the recent past. One of them gulped nothing less than four hundred and ten thousand naira (#410,000). I must at this point commend the Electricity Task Force for always rising up to the occasions as demanded.”


“Certificate: the issue of certificate will continue to come up for discussion as long as CDAs continue to exist. We are constantly being asked to submit projects and budgets for us to be part of grants in aids by the Government and World Bank. This may be a vision impossible for CDAs without certificate. No government or bank will transact with business in cash with CDAs and without certificate, CDAs cannot open bank account. And so government cheques are limited to certified CDAs. On this note, we want the Career Officer to spell out to us what it takes to get certificate by the CDAs so that of us will work towards it.”


Matogbun Area CDC chairman, Deacon O. M Olapade while responding to the welcome address of the Group Chairman, commended the Group Chairman for a well done job, saying is not easy to coordinate 13 CDAs.


Several issues affecting people of the community were discussed including Matogbun Oke Aro Road and electricity. In the same vein, Chief Amisu (Majekobaje of Koye Town) as well as Alhaji F. S Ajijola were awarded for their selfless service to the community. Chief Amisu in his appreciation speech commended the community for recognizing his contributions. He then admonished all the CDAs chairmen and chairpersons to work tirelessly for the growth and development of their community and to always recognize their leaders. He also commended Matogbun Area CDC chairman for his understanding and cooperation. And the Group Chairman for a well done job.


Matogbun Area CDC is one of the Area CDC in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, with over 100 CDAs.


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