Meet Edifon, an enthusiast of community development with great impact

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Edifon Ossom is an experienced copywriter, who also loves to volunteer for youth and women-focussed causes. She’s a graduate of Microbiology from the prestigious University of Calabar (UNICAL).

As an enthusiast of community development service, she volunteered for the Justina Ovat (JO) Foundation as one of the pioneers immediately after her graduation from the University, to help with the organizational structuring of programs at the foundation.

Some Beneficiaries of Edifon Free textbooks and writing materials.

She played more of an administrative role at the earliest part of her voluntary service with the foundation. She also took part in organizing programs such as Undergraduate Volunteer for Experience and Graduate Internship program, which set the tone for many young graduates.

A special program of the foundation is the Calabar Book Club, which brings together hundred of persons every month for book review, and Edifon’s effort was remarkable to the convening of this program, throughout her stay with the foundation. And this inculcated strong reading culture in young persons who attended the book club.

She later got recommended by the Justina Ovat Foundation to the Centre for Leadership, Innovation and Creative Knowledge (CLICK) – a nonprofit organization where she headed a 7-man team of volunteers.

Thinking Lounge Session organized by Edifon

In addition to being the overseer of the 3 arms that make up CLICK, she also spearheaded one of the arms known as THE THINKING LOUNGE. – This was a monthly event that convened a number of registered young persons in Calabar.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Ossom took The Thinking Lounge to the virtual space, and soon after, she succeeded in taking The Thinking Lounge to four states in Nigeria, including Kebbi, Ondo, Ebonyi and Delta states.. with ambassadors to spearhead the respective virtual establishments.

Edifon was posted to Kebbi State, a rural state in Nigeria for the mandatory National Youth Service in 2021.
She served in the Primary Health Care Agency, privileged enough to serve with the UNICEF office.

She observed the lag in educational interest among girls, as most secondary school girls were not eager to further their studies. To this, she identified with a public girls’ school and donated textbooks and writing materials numbering up to 500 to the school, in her bid to encourage the girls to further their education, as an enthusiast of knowledge she is.

Still in youth service, consequent to identifying that the poor health care condition was by a dearth of functional health equipment, she facilitated the donation of health equipment to the 225 health facilities identified to be in need of them, even as she took part in supervising the distribution of the equipment.

During her service year, she equally realized the poor health care especially in the rural areas of the state was a menace. Health care givers had to improvise to solve the problem of lack of health equipment in order to manage the situation to a great extent. The major problem that contributed highly to maternal and infant mortality rate in the rural area was lack of quality health care because of non-functional and/or under-functional health facilities. The fact was these facilities were non-functional or under-functional because of the use of worn out equipment or total lack of it. with this knowledge, Edifon Ossom worked with an already established list of health facilities lacking basic equipment as identified by the state. She helped to facilitate the donation of the required health equipment to these facilities. The equipment donated include Labour Beds, Weighing Balance, Surgical kits, Centrifuge, Bedscreen, Sterilization kits, Photometer and Vacuum extractor. She visited some health facilities to physically give the equipment and also reached out to some health facility heads to come and get the equipment for facilities that were very far from her Place of Primary Assignment.

This intervention restored optimum functionality to many non-functional and under-functional health facilities within the state, this has helped to improve the quality of health care at the various health facilities within Kebbi State. This is one of the projects that earned her the State Governor’s award as the best Performing Corps member in Kebbi State.

Because of these exceptional feats, she was noticed by the Kebbi State Governor, His Excellency, Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, and on her passing out parade (POP), she was awarded by the governor as the Best Performing Corp member out of almost 2000 corp members who passed out of NYSC on 17th of February, 2022.

Edifon Ossom is an enthusiast of community development. No wonder it’s significant that she served as the Vice President of her community development service group, and won an award of excellence for meritorious service as Vice President of the group during her service year.

Interviewed twice during her service year on Vision FM, and Kebbi TV respectively. This only solidifies the fact that she loves humanity.

She’s a Copywriter, and teaches the noble skill on her YouTube channel.

Edifon is an author of a number of materials, including a bestseller $1000 In 30 Days – The ultimate Copywriting workbook for copywriters, online and offline business owners and coaches who want to 10X their sales with highly converting copies.

Her latest book in progress “Evolving From Obscurity” promises to impact many young lives, and we can’t wait!

Edifon is one of the finest digital entrepreneurs to look out for.

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