Muslims in Ogun Community Celebrate Prophet Muhammad in grand style

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Muslims in Osere, Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State have came out in their large numbers to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

The event which was tagged live a Muhammadan live was put together by Saotul Akhyaar Garu Da’awah Communication in conjunction with Shaykh Al Awwal Garu Central Mosque on Sunday, 28th November at the mosque premises.

Shaykh Abdul Rafii Ibrahim while delivering his lecture titled Islamic Child Upbringing admonished parents to always give their children proper training so that they can enjoy the benefit of their labour both herein and thereafter saying child bearing and child rearing are two different things adding that child rearing is far more important than child bearing. According to him, there are 3 stages of child rearing. Stage one include; selecting the right partner, praying to God for good children, mother engage in zikr (remembrance of Allah) all the time while pregnant as well as attending antenatal. Stage two include; to be contented with the sex of the child Allah given them, giving the baby proper diet and pray for him or her, call to prayer to the hearing of the child, giving the child good names, slaughtering of ram, and shaving the baby’s hair. Stage three include; breast feeding of the child for two years as well as educating the child, particularly with Islamic knowledge.

Shaykh Abdul Rafiu Ibrahim

The second guest lecturer, Shaykh Abdul Kabir Oriola in his lecture titled domestic violence, conflict and solutions said emulating Prophet Muhammad is the permanent solution to domestic violence. According to him, domestic violence simply means oppressing or melting injustice on one another and it does not limited to couple alone. He then stated its causes and effects. Causes of domestic violence according to the speaker include; environment as well as religious perspective. “The effects of domestic violence can be felt or seen on individual, family, community, country and the world generally. “Domestic violence can also lead to inflation and making individual behave like an animal,” he added.

Shaykh Abdul Kabir Oriola

Another guest lecturer, Hajia Farid Lawal Garu described Prophet Muhammad as the most pious person on Earth in her lecture titled Virtues of Prophet Muhammad. She said Allah described Prophet Muhammad in Qur’an chapter 68 as a sane and intelligent person. She then itemized some good characters of the Prophet such as; spread of grace, love people, listening to others opinion, generosity, helping the needy, respect women, patience. She rounded up her lecture by enjoying Muslims to have both faith and good characters saying both are two different things and having both will make them earn maximum reward from Allah.

Hajia Farida Lawal Garu

The CEO of Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd, Alhaji Lukman Garu, in his good will message urged parents to always have time for their children and to give them the right and proper education.

The Chief Imam of Shaykh Al Awwal Central Mosque and CEO of Saotul Akhyaar Garu Da’wah Communication, Shaykh Kamil Garu in his vote of thanks appreciate everyone present at the event, especially the guest speakers. He then enjoyed them to “live a Muhammadan life.”

Dignitaries at the event include; Chief Imam of Maidan Town; Shaykh Yisau Kareem, Shaykh Lukman Yahya as well as Shaykh Nurudeen Kewulere.

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