Muslims in Osere celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad in grand style

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Muslim faithfuls in Osere and environs came out in their large number to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad in a more educative and engaging manner. The event which was tagged “Live a Muhammadan life” was put together by Shayk Awwal Garu Central Mosque in conjunction with Saotul Akyaar Da’awah Movement and held on Sunday, 24th of November, 2019 at Shaykh Muhammad Awwal Garu Central Mosque, Osere.

The Chief Host of the event, Khaleefa Kamil Lawal Garu in his welcome address admonished Muslim faithfuls to always follow the foot step of Prophet Muhammad adding that he (Prophet Muhammad) is the greatest mentor of Muslims. He then list and explained 7 characteristics of the noble Prophet that Muslims must emulate as follows; generosity, honesty, patience, justice, forgiveness, boldness and humbleness.

Shayk Abdul Kabir Abdul Yekeen, National Missioner, AWIFON while delivering his lecture titled “domestic violent,” admonished Muslims to always avoid any for of domestic violence adding that domestic violence is when any member of the family violate other members right. According to him, causes of domestic violence include; force marriage, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, upbringing, cultural believe as well as religious believe.

Alhaja Aasiyah Abdul Quadri, Principal Asore Grammar School, Akute while doing justice to the topic, women as nation builders enjoy women to always respect their husband and make them their confidant saying this will prevent domestic violence in the family.

“Women should always dress properly and decently in order to be attractive to their husband. We should be tolerant and accommodating, women offer suggestions not control,” she added.

Brother Abdul Yekeen Afolabi while delivering his lecture titled “Discovery for recovery” said mixing religion, family and business together will lead to failure. “Religion is an entity, family is an entity and business is also an entity; mixing the 3 with one another will lead to failure.”

He then admonished the audience to always search and identify opportunities around them saying there are several opportunities around us.

The CEO of Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd, who is also the patron of Shayk Awwal Garu Central Mosque admonished the participants to look for solutions to solve for humanity saying that is the only way to have financial freedom. He also cleared the air on the reason why Muslims don’t usually help each other. He said those wealthy people some of us are looking up to also need help and they can only add value to you when you also have values to offer.

Highlight of the event include prayer and praise to Prophet Muhammad, recitation from the Holy Qur’an as well as hadith recitation by the school pupils and students.

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