Naming Ceremony: Islamic scholars storm Garu Family House

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Islamic scholars, dignitaries, friends and associates of Garu Family came out in their large number to rejoice with the family as Engr Kehinde and his wife name their new baby. The naming ceremony which was held on Thursday, 17th of April at Garu Villa, Egbeda, Lagos was well attended by prominent Islamic scholars and personalities, which include: Sheik Sheriffdeen (Senior Khalifah, Sheik Garu), Sheik Dawood AbdulMajeed Alfa Nla, Sheik Jamiu Ajadi Sinusi (Ami Olohun), Sheik AbdulRahmon Omoalubarika, Sheik Muhammed Jadu, Sheik Ahmad Tijani Oyewo, Sheik Muhammed Hamzat Awoko.

The event was kicked start with an opening prayer, followed by recitation from the Holy Qur’an, afterward praises and prayers was offer to the noble Prophet (SAW).

The Guest Lecturer, Sheik Jamiu Ajadi Sinusi (Ami Olohun) while delivering his lecture, admonished audience, particular Muslims to be persistence in whatever field they find themselves, adding that nothing good come easy. He also said any Muslim that want to be great in life should be willing and ready to sacrifice one or two things such as wealth, health, time and wisdom for Allah. He then admonished them to always avoid shaytan’s (devil’s) deeds.

Sheik Dawood AbdulMajeed Alfa Nla while delivering his speech before announcing the baby’s name admonished Muslims to take things easy, particularly worldly things and to be patient with Almighty Allah. He said most Muslims and some Islamic scholars are ready to go to any length for them to get money or riches, adding that some so called Islamic scholars have turn to fraudsters just because they want to acquire money. Afterwards, he announced that the baby will be known as Za’amah.

Khalifa Kamil Garu, elder brother of Engr Kehinde Garu in his closing remarks said “On behalf of Garu Family, I appreciate everyone presence here to rejoice with us. Our sincere appreciation also goes to the prominent personalities that find time out of their tight schedule to be here, particularly the Islamic scholars and our in-laws.”

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