Nigerians go to school but lack education – Sheik Lukman Garu

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Sheik Lukman Garu, the CEO of Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd had submitted that there is no education in Nigeria, Nigeria only have schools, which is the reason why majority of her (Nigeria) youths are unproductive. Garu stated this while delivering his lecture titled “Role of the youths in revamping bastardised society” at the annual Lailatul Qodir (Night of Majesty) of Dairatu Zayyaty Fi Solati Ala Khairi -l- Bariyat held Wednesday at Akowonjo, Egbeda, Lagos.

Garu who is also the Managing Director of Al Muhtarafa Al-Saatah Technical Service, Dubai (ULDA Group) said causes of bastardised society include; lack of proper education, lack of good parenting or proper upbringing as today’s parents are interested in giving birth to children but not interested in training them, loss of society values, lack of mentorship as well as ethnicity and religion differences.

To solve this problem, according to him (Sheik Lukman Garu), parents should start inculcating the right values in their children, the youths should start acquiring the right skills in order to empower themselves, they should look for problems to solve, saying solving people’s problems in the only way to be free financially.

“It is high time Islamic scholars stop seeking only financial support from wealthy Muslims, they should also seek their advise and mentorship on how they become successful in order for their congregations to be financially empower. Islamic scholars should also start acquiring contemporary skills as a matter of urgency so that they can add more values to their congregations. Parents should also educate and empower their girl child just as they educate and empower their male counterpart. Gone are those days girl child are not allow to do some profession, support them in whatever field they wish to dive in,” he added.

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