Nigerians have Buhari as president because of his integrity – Osinbajo

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“Nigerian has Buhari as president because of his integrity.” This is the assertion of the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo. The Vice President stated this on Sunday at a dialogue between him and Christian Leaders and Youths in Ikeja tagged The Grill; a no hold barred dialogue.

“Why a Muhammed Buhari is important for Nigeria today is not because he is an orator, he’s not, he is not an orator. My business is oratory, am a lawyer. The reason why you have a person like that is integrity. For the first time in Nigeria, you do not have people who are confident enough to say that am going to do a deal with Mr President, that am going to make a way with the country’s resources, we don’t have that. Part of the reasons why so many people, so many of our forgotten elites are angry and anxious is because he doesn’t deal lightly with the resources of the country, he doesn’t. That is the reason why I am very very confident that if we have a man like that for another four (4) years, our country will be much more better because the resources will not be stolen.”

The VP also assured Nigerians that the president is healthy and fit enough to head the affairs of the country.

“We don’t have any problem with the president health. Yesterday he was in two states campaigning, listen to the campaign and watch it on YouTube, the man is as heal, as well, as fit, as healthy as ever, he added.”

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