NSCPC Sensitize Matogbun Community High School Students

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Azeez Ramon

National School Crime Prevention Corps (NSCPC), an organization that is meant to compliment the effort of schools in crime prevention was at Matogbun Community High School on Wednesday, 17th of October, 2018 to sensitize the students on crime prevention. The students on the assembly ground listened attentively as the Commandant of the organization in Ifo Local Government addressed them. The commandant, Taiwo Olusegun commended the state government, Ministry of Education, the principals, vice principals as well as the teachers for a well done job. He said “the organization is meant to compliment the effort of the teachers in the area of crime prevention.”

“I urged you to shun cultism, drug abuse and other social vices because your future begins now. One of the major functions of NSCPC is to rehabilitate the stubborn or bad eggs among you (students) and the youths. I also urge you not to let your background put your back on the ground.

“We are going to set up NSCPC club in your school and we will decorate the principal, vice principal as well as teachers who are interested in our organization. I urge you to stay away from whatever that can endanger your lives because there are thousands of spaces for bad boys and girls in the prison.

“Henceforth, anyone caught damaging the school property or roaming about the street during school period will be taken to our office for rehabilitation. And I urge the school authority to be taken note of bad students from the beginning to the end of each term, such students will be taken to our camp for proper rehabilitation through out the holiday period.

“I urge female students to be careful with male students, limit your relationship with them; they can determine your future if care is not taken. If you are impregnated, what else can you do.”

The principal of the school, Mr Williams G. A in an interview with our correspondent, commended the organization for the sensitization programme. “Is a laudable programme because we all know the menace of some of these students who are stubborn and very rude in the school compound. Those of them who are not ready to learn and they hang around in the community instead of coming into school compound. We know that this is not what suppose to be happening because students are meant to learn in the school, if they did not stay in school, how would they learn?. At the end of the day most of these students constitute nuisance to the school community and equally to the society. I believe the NSCPC will go a long way in helping to rehabilitate most of these students so that they can be very useful to the society at large. And I advice them to be good students, they should stay in school to realize the purpose of coming to school.”

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