Poverty, the major cause of religious and ethnicity mayhem in Nigeria – Lukman Garu

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“Poverty is the major cause of religious and ethnicity mayhem in Nigeria.” This is the assertion of the CEO of Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd, Sheik Lukman Garu while delivering his lecture titled “Al Qur’an the panacea to religious and ethnicity mayhem in Nigeria” at the annual Ramadan Lecture of Alasalatu Egbeda Central Mosque on Sunday, 19th of May, 2019.

Sheik Lukman Garu who is also the Managing Director of Al Muhtarafa Al-Saatah Technical Service, Dubai (ULDA Group) highlighted other causes of religious and ethnicity mayhem in Nigeria as follows; lack of religious knowledge or lack of religious understanding, lack of unity among Muslims and other religions, lack of competent religious leaders, wrong religious orientation, selfishness, politics and media.

According to him, Qur’an is the ultimate solution to the mayhem, citing Qur’an 17 verse 82 as reference. He also stated that the following human attitude and behavior such as charity, forgiveness, honesty, tolerance, kindness, fulfilment of promise, modesty, decent in speech, patience, anger management, sincerity, respect to elders and justice will go a long way in solving religious and ethnicity mayhem in the country.

“Religious brought prosperity to human beings but human usually ignore religion when they are prospering. Prosperity is fading away gradually in Islam, as Muslims will need to wake up from slumber and do the needful. Islamic scholars should learn how to create wealth for their congregations because there is wealth in our various mosques as wealth reside where people gathered.

“On the other hand, the congregations should acquire the right education in order to prosper; skill acquisition and entrepreneurship is the way to go.” Sheik Lukman added.

Dignitaries at the event include, Sheik Musa Busari (Chief Imam, Egbeda Central Mosque), Sheik Dawood Oyedeji, Alhaja Fatimoh Ashiru (Agbesinga Adini, Egbeda Land), Alhaja Hassanat (Amirah General of Egbeda Land), Alhaja Mistura ,Alhaja Ganiyat Akinyemi, Alhaja Monsurat Adeleke as well as Alhaja Aisha Akintoye Monjayelowo.

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