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21st October, 2020

It hurts our hearts as Community Youth Leaders under the platform of LCYDI to address our fellow youths at this trying time that the blood of our compatriots flow on the streets and their bodies in the mogues and shallow graves around the country.

20th October 2020 has presented us the darkest moment in the history of our modern democracy, we are deeply disappointed for the bizzaire act of inhumanity exhibited against harmless, peaceful young men and women whose only sin is that they want a better Nation for us all.

Global history and politics have shown to us, many countries with even longer durations of protest, some of which had a few violent episodes. Never has there been Government ordered killing on harmless people. Where then does this cruelty and inhumanity emanate from?

All that we seek for as young people is good governance and an end to Police brutality. It is saddening that we have become extremely vulnerable even to those in whose hands our protection should be. This is extremely callous and undeserving.

This shown bad signal to this generation that the foundation of this country is shaky. This is high time to restructure every aspect of Nigeria and failure to acknowledge the demands of our youths spells doom.

The time has come for us to fight for what is rightfully ours and not be given crumbs like we are getting a favour from the elite.

The labour of our heroes past and present will never be in vain. More importantly, the lives that have been put in the line in our struggle for good governance and accountability.

Our advice for the Government at this critical period; President Muhammadu Buhari should react to Nigeria Issue Now.

  1. Federal Government should direct all Local Government to invite representatives from Communities to a joint Community Youth Town Hall Meeting to address the request of the youths.
  2. Each Local Government should coordinate the meeting without political influence and appoint representatives from among the community youths to attend the State Youth Town Hall Meeting.
  3. The State Government should take responsibility of holding State Youth Town Hall Meeting, with selected representatives from the local government level. The requested demands will be presented and addressed accordingly. Representatives will be appointed to represent the interest of the state at the National Youth Town Hall Meeting.
  4. The National Youth Town Hall Meeting should be responsibility of Federal Government, recommendation and request from all the states will be presented and Government should set up independent committee among the youth representatives and headed by top Government official to come up with the blue print.
  5. Government at all levels should sit down and begin to put things under check else the danger of neglecting the Youths will cause untold catastrophe within the system..

We as organization that have the interest of our country at heart, we are calling on the protesters to remain calm and make sure they don’t apply violence and destroy properties if we want to achieve better results. State Government have inaugurated Committee to investigate Police brutality cases in the state.

We are using this medium to emphasize it that, the protests are not for violence because International Community are following up with us in this struggle for a better Nigeria, we should prepare ourselves from Community to Community across Nigeria to put forward our resolutions.

Inhumanity must stop
The looting must stop
The blood spilling must stop
The youths’ voices must be heard
A new Nigeria must be born and the time is now.

Lagos Community Youth Development Initiative (LCYDI)

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