Rotherham, Sheffield among 10 safest cities in the UK

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A new research conducted by OutdoorToys revealed that 2 places in South Yorkshire are among the 10 safest places to live in the United Kingdom. The research ranked Rotherham as the second-safest area in the UK with safety index score of 72.94, while Sheffield was ranked 10th safest area to live in the UK, with an overall safety index score of 4.74. 

The Star reported that a spokesperson for OutdoorToys said: “Due to low levels of crime, homeowners in Rotherham are not worried about being mugged, attacked, or targeted by a hate crime. Paired with low average house prices of £163,500, and monthly childcare costs (£700) Rotherham is an appealing city for family life.”

“Residents of this city are not worried about crime rates thanks to low reports of robberies, stolen cars and violent crimes. Ranking in the top 10, Sheffield is a great choice of city to settle into family life,” the OutdoorToys spokesperson continued.

Meanwhile the research ranked York as the safest place to live in the UK with a safety index score of 73.09.

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