Timi David (FAMOROTI): A Serial fraudster and chameleonic pastor – Adeola Joseph

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After so many tries to bring down some people with your evil intention, everyone in the community still pretend as if you are one of us until your latest media outburst which made everyone to understand that you are out of your shell to cause confusion and reveal yourself as the number one enemy of peace in Computer Village.

I must start by telling you that “do not call the forest that shelters you a jungle”, just because you don’t like the trees that brings forth fruits for people as food. It is on record that you have been given the opportunity to change from your evil way which the whole community you claim to be defending but due to genetical nature of his problem, it has been difficult for him to get a cure for his bitterness.

The man, Timi David who has been going to places and spending most of his recent time on trying to bring down certain personalities who never committed any crime, is a serial fraudster and a fake-inconsistent pastor who has over the time benefited from the kindness and generosity of Mr Niyi Olasoji, who was at one time the CDA chairman, while Timi was appointed as his secretary when Computer Village was yet to be recognized by Lagos state government as a market which must be in the class of notable markets in the State where Iyaloja and Babaloja see to the activities of the market.

Timi who is a son to the first CDA chairman in the community has been a thorn in the flesh for us in the community since his father who went away with N3.5 million belonging to the CDA, when he refused to handover to his successor. He, Timi has benefited immensely from the trust reposed in him by Mr Niyi Olasoji, who made Timi the Secretary of the Ogunbiyi Community, despite his usual character of destruction and character assassination, he was not removed but allowed to handle several projects which he constantly squandered the money voted for every project given to him to manage, one of numerous instances where Timi syphoned the CDA money was the time he was designated to organize an end of year party (Ogunbiyi Carnival) and almost N4 million was voted for the success of the carnival but Timi brought open shame and disgrace to everyone in the community when he squandered the money and the carnival became a total mess.

The man Timi has abandoned his marital and fatherly responsibilities, and has in recent time becomes an agent of confusion, violence and disruption of peace among business operators and members of the community, and also maligning those who have made so many sacrifices for him using his well-concocted lies which are targeted at bringing people down all because he wants to continue to benefit at the expense of our community development.

Timi who parades himself as a pastor is known to many as a fake and greedy pastor whose his usual deeds should have landed him in both the net of EFCC and Nigerian Police due to his financial and civil criminal activities. It is this same Timi who came to Mr Niyi Olasoji as chairman of the CDA for assistance to help fund his fraudulent ministry, and he was collecting N350,000 every month to run his ministry but when it was discovered that the whole ministry was to cajole and defraud the people, the allocation was stopped because there were many underlying projects we needed the money for rather than wasting it into someone’s pocket, the money given to Timi had to stop after several months and the community was able to tar all the roads in Computer Village and installed solar-powered streetlights in every street of the community. When he (Timi) was the CDA Secretary secretly approached a global telecommunications company called Huawei and cornered almost N5 million Naira from the company and he was later exposed and disgraced publicly, and ever since then Timi has turned to a toothless barking dog and an enemy of progress, thereby trying fruitlessly to hunt down those who have worked seriously and made computer village get the envious level where it is today, that even the local government has abandoned every market within Ikeja area and want to focus on Computer Village, but the resistance of those controlling the affairs of the market has prevented undue interference.

Computer village has witnessed tremendous improvements and absolute peace in recent time which some people are not happy about, they move from one lies to another trying to disrupt the peace and progress we are enjoying. The era of Iyaloja and Babaloja in Computer Village has given us a bigger opportunity to be counted among recognized markets in Lagos that has been attracting both the government and private investments, but few like Timi who benefit in previous dissolution are not happy with the present progress which is now being enjoyed by majority of computer village people. He has been the one selling series of lies to cause misunderstandings between the Yorubas and Igbos in the community.

With all Timi’s fraudulent activities which has been overlooked ranging from using his ministry to defraud innocence individuals to visa and university admissions racketeering, the community has indulged him and warned him to desist from such disgraceful acts, but instead of him being repentant, he turned himself to an open enemy of the community by assassinating the characters of Iyaloja General, the daughter to the National Leader of our party, APC and a renowned Yoruba leader who has brought peace into every Lagos market that were once battle fields.

Like father like son, Timi’s father Pa. Famoroti who was the first Ogunbiyi CDA chairman when he also squandered the money given to the community by a company called “Premaganet” which was meant to be used for building an ultramodern arch within the community. It was one Mr. Femi and Mr Yomi Ayeni that facilitated the engagement of “Premaganet” in the project and when the money for the project was given, Pa. Famoroti syphoned the money which was almost N5 million Naira.

We in the community are using this opportunity to warn everyone not to take Mr Timi David (Famoroti) serious on anything he says or his false allegations as the community and Computer Village have gone beyond engaging such frustrated and unrepentant criminal like him, who has jumped from CDA to Heads Of Plazas to fraudulent Coalition Of Associations, all because of his greed and efforts to thwart the recent growth and development in Computer Village, and this has made some to approach his family by advising them to engage a psychiatrist in Timi’s case.

E – Signed
Adeola Joseph
(JOHA computers)

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