WE were never mobilized for NYSC, MAPOLY students refute Management claim

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Some students of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) who don’t want their names in print has refuted the claimed by the management of the school that they have mobilized all their students who fulfils the necessary requirements for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). The statement which was made available to Community Gist through one of the students of the school via Whatsapp reads:

“We will like to inform the populace that NO student was mobilized for NYSC as claimed by the PRO in the latest press release issued by the management.

“The management, in the voice of the School; PRO, Mr Yemi Ajibola, claimed that there are no outstanding students awaiting service. He should tell us what the sets of 17/18 are.

“No doubts, the government is working and our lecturers did make some sacrifices which are the only truths in the press release, the question is, Should it take a year to have our results?

“No student of the 17/18 set has been mobilized for NYSC as claimed by the management. Not one of the 17/18 set.

“We have been burdened by troubling questions like what are our money used for?We believe our tuition fee is enough to fund the school to a large extent. Acceptance fees of 25,500 of over 5000 students runs into 127,500,000 (One hundred and twenty seven million,five hundred thousand naira), isn’t that a huge sum? Our sundry fee: For gowns we don’t have access to, ID cards that never go round, where are these funds going? Yet we pay for loss of receipt even when they are not lost. A rough school fees receipt attracts payment. Are these not enough to settle allowances?? We pay profit to the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (EEE) not less that 10,000 annually, what is it used for?

“We can’t get jobs because we have no results to tender, after spending elongated years on campus. We endured pain, humiliation and extortion from all quarters in school, now we are delayed. In the long run, results will be ready and issues will show up, missing grades have never stop showing faces, undeserved carry overs, leading to automatic extra years for some.

“Mr PRO sir, we are full fledged Public Relations Practitioners, we know the nitty-gritty of this profession, so claiming that there are no outstanding students awaiting NYSC is a false claim. We have a lot burning at our pen tips, we implore the management to DO THE RIGHT THING


“We are sure this will get to the management, so let everyone get set for another BLACK WEEK soon. We have forewarned.”

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