LAGOS COMMUNITY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE; making an impact right from your community

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Lagos Community Youth Development (LCYDI), formally known as Lagos Community Youth Volunteers (LSCYV) is a platform where young adults – acting as change agents, who are committed to transforming communities and the society; who can initiate, mobilize and engage every stakeholder to address issues affecting the well-being of the people in their respective communities. LCYDI operation give community youths platform to support the activities of the local and state government in the area of community services and monitoring of government projects in communities across the state.

The aims and objectives of the Lagos Community Youth Development Initiative shall be:-
To project and promote community interface among stakeholder in the state
To facilitate human capital development of rural and urban communities in Lagos
To facilitate the platforms for engagement, interaction and discussions among community stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental institution
To engage community youths on community voluntary services and monitoring of government projects in communities.


Indication shows that some of our communities are faced with development challenges on an unprecedented scale. They include poverty, poor sanitation, lack of access to credit, food insecurity, water scarcity, deplorable environmental and housing conditions, lack of jobs and unemployment, unrepaired roads and other critical services including health and education. In recent times, the scope, scale, and urgency of these problems have all sharply increased.

Unfortunately, no government anywhere in the world can provide all the necessary needs of life to its citizens or communities. It is becoming increasingly evident that governments do not have all the resources and funds to carry out development initiatives, particularly in the social sector in every poor community.

Lagos Community Youth Development Initiative creates opportunities for young adults to connect and network, to develop skills, and utilize those skills for purpose of community development. LCYDI creates environments that provide constructive, affirmative, and encouraging relationships that are sustained over time with young adults and peers, while concurrently providing an array of opportunities that enable youth to build their competencies, and become engaged as partners in their own development as well as the development of their communities. The development of youth, either positive or negative, occurs as youth interact with all levels of their surroundings, including others in their environment: family, schools, peers, adults, youth programs, and their communities.

Globally, international donor agencies and philanthropic institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to provide development aid or assistance to many needy communities around the world due to dwindling resources resulting from world-wide economic melt-down or recession. Expectedly, the only viable alternative in the face of the ever rising poverty and other social problems is for communities to adopt self-help and become self-reliant rather than waiting endlessly for government or foreign assistance. Progress can be achieved through community engagement processes that enable local people themselves to determine their own development and welfare.

Advocating for Community Youth Engagement

Globally, there is a growing commitment to the principles of community youth engagement. Community youth engagement is increasingly recognized as a vital component of efforts to bring development to the grassroots. Therefore, understanding community youth engagement will facilitate and promote in solving many challenging problems and thus advance the well-being of all community projects in Lagos state.

It is against this backdrop that Lagos Community Youth Development Initiative was established, where community youths collaborate with other community stakeholders to systematically design and implement processes to actively engage their communities and solve community problems.

LCYDI Area of Focus:

Community social services and volunteerism
Community youth participation/involvement
Community youth empowerment 
Community sensitization and awareness on safety and security
Community project monitoring and supervision in partner with other community stakeholders

LCYDI Principles include: 

LCYDI Membership Benefits:

Members are empowered with continuous relevant training
Members are provided with the state – of – the – art information and relevant resource materials to become more effective in the field of development.
Members are notified and technically prepared to apply and attend numerous conferences, workshops, seminars, training and capacity – building programs locally and internationally.
Members are exposed to professionals who are already at the top of their career.
Becoming a member means joining a network of community leaders and experienced development practitioners.

Provide members with hands-on experience and knowledge in the prestigious field of community development.
Provide members with internship and volunteer opportunities locally and internationally. 
Provide members with the rare opportunities of participating in numerous free short courses in community services and development.
Help members with job alert in addition to developing strong, clear and compelling resume and cover letters.

Community Collaboration and Partnership

The operations of Lagos Community Youth Development Initiative are labor intensive and therefore require dedicated young adult with the necessary skills and passion toward community services. LCYDI will work with other community stakeholders toward community development programs and aimed at improving community services efficiency and effectiveness

LCYDI: Collaborate and partners with other community stakeholders
Community Development Association
Academic/Training Institutions
Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs)
Community Organized Groups and Social Clubs
Government Agencies and Institutions 
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 
Community-Based Youth Association
Community Networks and Alliances

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  1. This is a fantastic move I believe it is the time for new beginning and for this I’m in with my hands joined with yours we will go the real right ways success so God help us bless LCYDI BLESS OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA

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