Covid-19 : Students charge government on public enlightenment during lockdown

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By Yusuf Akinlotan

Students Under the aegis of Muslim students’ society of Nigeria (MSSN) has urged government across all levels to play significant roles with more public enlightenment in order to win the heart of the masses in the country.

The charge is coming admidst the current lockdown as directed by president Muhammadu Buhari to contain the continuous spread of COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria as most citizens within the grassroot levels still disregard the order claiming the pandemic virus only affecting rich.

Recall that while some youths took to the streets to play football, others resumed normal activities as soon as it is 4:00pm in Lagos not minding the social distancing precautions.

Reacting in an official statement against the backdrop of inactiveness of local government authorities on this development,
the Amir,( President) of Lagos state Area Unit of the Students body, Dr Saheed Ashafa said the dormant mode at which they now operate is very dangerous for Nigerians as a people.

“It is unfortunate that most local government authorities if not all are too passive at this critical moment. The dormant mode at which they now operate is very dangerous for us as a people” he said

According to the students leader, Dr Ashafa, It is expected at this time that there should be continuous public enlightenment at the grassroots about the hazard involved in ignoring social distancing and other precautionary measures against the pandemic.

He appealed to the state government to issue appropriate directive to local government authorities mandating them to embark on grassroots public enlightenment across the length and breadth of their locality.

This measure is believed to be urgently compelling to lessen the pressure being faced by the frontline health workers.

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