Expect numerous scholarship opportunities during my tenure, Ajasa assures Ogun students

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The National Association of Nigerian Students, Ogun state JCC has assured the students in the state of providing scholarship opportunities for them.

The students body also promise that attention will be given to welfare of students ranging from secondary school to tertiary institutions across the state.

The NANS Chairman in the state, Comrade Adeyemi Ajasa said this while addressing newsmen in Abeokuta.

His word: “As a team of responsible Leadership of NANS, Ogun JCC, we envisage an atmosphere and system of government where every student can have access to a system that will work hand in glove with the 13 institutions in the Gateway State with a view to ensuring the security and welfare of students. This administration will pay absolute attention to students welfarism at all levels ranging from primary, secondary to tertiary institutions in the state.

“We will ensure our students are availed with numerous scholarship opportunities, sensitize them on matters arising and events relating to academics, entertainment, socio political, economical and cultural events amongst others as stated in our manifesto.

“On behalf of the entire students populace schooling on the soil of Gateway state, I want to sincerely commend the efforts of the Ogun state Government, ably led by Omoluwabi Governor HE Price Dapo Abiodun in ensuring the betterment of educational sector in our dear state.

“We have noticed the good works of this administration especially in the education sector, Mr Governor, posterity will remember you for good.

“We are not blind to see the normalcy restored at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Tai Solarin College of Education amongst other brilliant initiatives. Unarguably, Ogun state remain the cradle of education in Nigeria, we use this medium to urge you to keep the good work going, we pray to God to continue to strengthen you and grant you the divine wisdom to pilot Ogun State to a promise land.”

Meanwhile, the students body called on the state governor, Dapo Abiodun to investigate an alleged atrocities committed by the Special Assistant to the governor on students’ affair, Azeez Adeyemi.

Ajasa lamented that Adeyemi is allegedly bringing ridicule to the Dapo Abiodun led administration over a reported illegal involvement in students’ activities across institutions in the state and beyond.

The state chairman of NANS accused the Abiodun’s aide of using the governor’s name to allegedly perpetrate evils.

Ajasa explained that the security operatives impounded two buses belonging to tertiary institutions in Ogun state at Abuja during the NANS convention after discovering illegal arms in them.

He further alleged that the impounded buses were taken to Abuja on the order of the Special Assistant to Governor Abiodun.

The NANS Chairman also alleged Adeyemi of using thugs to harass and intimidate any students who does not dance to his tune.

He also noted that the Abiodun’s aide is using his office to cause crisis among the students’ populace.

He added, “as a partner in the progress and development of Ogun State, it important to call your attention to an individual currently subjecting this government to ridicule and outright embarrassment in the sight of the public especially Nigerian students both in Ogun state and outside the state.

“We are talking about your Special Assistant on Students Matters, Adeyemi Azeez, who has turned the entire students’ populace in Ogun state to a laughing stock in the sight of counterparts in others states.

“As influential and popular Ogun State is in the structure of the National Association of Nigerian Students, we left Abuja in shame after security agents impounded two buses from tertiary institutions in the state as a result of finding illegal arms in them, an act that only the SA has explanations for.

“It will interest you to know that a student of Tai Solarin College of Education was nearly killed by thugs on the instruction of Adeyemi Azeez, the boy was hospitalized for weeks after he returned from Abuja, we give thanks to God for saving the live of our comrade . We had to deny that he is not SA in our state to save face in the midst of the controversy.

“This shameful incidence happened during the just conducted national convention of the association. One would have assumed that the SA will turn a new leaf and shun further criminality, but it is even more disheartening to say that he exhibited similar acts in Abeokuta on 30th January, 2021.

“In his usual vicious manner, the SA attempted to change the venue of the state convention from a location that had been picked by the Senate and agreed by the Convention Planning Committee, due to his hidden agenda.

“According to NANS practice, state conventions must hold on the campus of one of the schools in the state and not anywhere else. It therefore bothers a sane mind why a student body convention where only thirteen senators will vote be moved to a stadium overnight when it is not political rally or a football match.

“To discuss the change in venue, the CPC members, after a security screening on 29th January 2020, at the State Investigation Bureau and Department Of State Security, decided to hold a meeting at Park Inn Hotel, Kuto Abeokuta to decide the modalities of the election, conclude on safety of Senators and stakeholders at the convention and finalise all plans. The S.A to the Governor on Students Matters and some other elements stormed into the hotel and brazenly threatened CPC members at the poolside. If any one is doubt of this claim, let the security agents request and review the CCTV footage of the hotel on the said day.

“The S.A further threatened the convention clerk that he (Adeyemi) has full control over institutions in the state and will ensure that the convention clerk does not get his certificate if he does not dance to his tune.”

The NANS Chairman further said, “aside this state convention, Adeyemi Azeez is yet to tell the students‘ community and the good people of Ogun State in general, why security agents found guns inside some buses he took to Abuja for the national convention thereby subjecting the entire state to a national embarrassment.
Before now, the SA once sent a group deadly thugs to attack the current deputy coordinator of NANS Southwest who happens to be one of us in Ogun State, Com Uthman Damfodio. It is only by divine providence that the deputy coordinator (SW) is alive today. All aforementioned were carried out in the name of the Governor.

“Hence, for the reasons above among other atrocities, we condemn these deplorable acts and dissociate ourselves from the acts and person of the SA.

“We therefore call for an immediate investigation of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Matters, Comrade Azeez Adeyemi, for his many atrocities committed against students and mankind in the name of the Government. Enough of the embarrassment to the government and students’ community. We still find it unbelievable how person of this character find his way to the administration led by a decent Governor.”

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