Glorious Sister Foundation’s CEO celebrates birthday with orphans

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As a way of celebrating her birthday and putting smiles on the faces of the orphans, the CEO of a non-governmental organization known as Glorious Sisters Foundation International, Mrs. Esther Ehiaguina has visited Christ The Ligh Of Hope Orphanage, Olambe on Wednesday, 19th of January, 2022.

The celebrant disclosed to our correspondent that she feel fulfilled and excited celebrating her birthday with the orphanage. She said: “It’s a great privilege for me and am very very happy celebrating with the orphans. The reason why am celebrating my birthday with them at the orphanage is because I love staying with them, putting smiles on their faces, not just the orphanages but also the less privileged and the widows, I love doing things with them, making them happy. So whenever I have the opportunity to visit them, I do that once in a while.”

Mrs. Esther Ehiaguina who is also the Proprietress of Happy Valley International School said the visit will add a lot of value to the orphans as well as her school children saying she took her school children to the orphanage so that they can know that there are differences between home and home. “The children in my school are leaving with their parents, they might not understand it. I purposely took them there so that they can know that there are some children that are alive like them and happy, yet they don’t know their parents, so is not just a visitation, is also a teaching on how to care for each other too to the children of Happy Valley International School,” Esther asserted.

She then admonished Nigerians to remember the orphans and the orphanages. “It always good to turn tears to smile, left for me, I don’t know how others feel but I will advise everybody to always focus on the less privileged and orphans. Everyone usually celebrates with their friends and families without remembering the orphans and the less privileged,” she added.

The Founder of Christ The Ligh Of Hope Orphanage, Mrs. Grace Oluwafemi Atunde described Mrs. Esther’s visit and donation to the orphanage as a very kind gesture and that the orphanage had celebrated with and also pray with her that God will make her birthday a glorious one as she celebrates her day.

One of the teachers of Happy Valley International School, Mrs. Genevieve Onoche described the celebrant as one in a million saying once you meet her you will be happy to always be with her. “She is a loving, kind and caring person. Celebrating her birthday at an orphanage home shows how passionate she is to humanity,” Genevieve added.

Another teacher of the school, Mrs. Ayoola Elizabeth has this to say about her proprietress: “She is a wonderful person and a kind person that loves to put smiles on people’s faces, she loves to always have people around her. She is a mother, she is a sister, and everything, I pray that the Lord continue to bless her and celebrate more years on earth.

Mrs. Dike, member of Glorious Sisters Foundation International said the celebrant is more than a sister to her. “She is someone everyone need to move closer to, she will lead you right and tell you the truth. She has taught me that the best place to celebrate ones birthday is the orphanage because is a place most people don’t want to be.”

The children of the celebrant school was not left behind as they have something to say about “big mummy.” “She is nice, she use to buy things for us and take us out,” Kingsley said. Another pupils of the school known as Happiness Onaha also said; “she always take us out, she always play with us, I want to tell her happy birthday.”

“She is a very nice and caring person both to the children and the parents. I want to wish her happy birthday, God will keep her alive and celebrate many more years,” Mrs. Jeniffer Ojemadu, a parent of Happy Valley International School asserted.

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