GSFI feed, conduct free medical check-ups for over 30 widows

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In its effort to reduce the suffering of widows, particularly those nothing was left for them after the demise of their husbands, a non-governmental organization known as Glorious Sisters Foundation International (GSFI) has conducted free medical check-ups, dashed out free medicine, as well as good item to over 30 widows in Oke Aro, Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The CEO of the organization, Mrs. Esther Ehiaguina appreciates God for the success of the event saying they were able to feed 30 widows as against the 70 – 100 they used to feed due to the economic situation of the country. She then admonished the government at all levels to look into helping widows because it is not easy. “Is not easy for couples to take care of children in the country we are in now, how much more a single person taking care of children. Some of them have 4 children; feeding, clothing, schooling, paying house rent and all the rest is not an easy task at all. So this is our little way of helping them, we are doing our best, by the special grace of God, we believe we can do more once we have sponsors because we are seeking for sponsors,” Esther asserted.

Esther, who is also the Proprietress of Happy Valley International School said she has 3 widows children that are on scholarships in her school adding that all these are just a way to support the widows in their own little way. She, however, urged Nigerians to wake up and look into the widows’ lifestyles. Her words: “These widows are really really suffering. We have most of them their husbands left something for them but after their husbands’ demise, they collected everything from them, and these widows will start from scratch. Some of them don’t even know where to start. All they need from Nigerians is help because they really need help, not all of them are lazy, and we need people to encourage them.”

A member of Glorious Sisters Foundation International (GSFI), Mrs. Sarah Bello said she was so excited that they could teach the widows about their health and able to support them in their own little way adding that the program will help them (the widows) to be able to feed and give them the mindset that they are not alone and that GSFI will always be with them.

A beneficiary of the program, Mrs. Bose Adelaja appreciate GSFI for their kind gesture saying the program will add a lot of values to the beneficiaries. “They conducted free medical test, gave free drugs as well as food stuff to people. We really appreciate Glorious Sisters Foundation International and I pray that God will continue to bless them as this will also serve as a lesson or encouragement for the wealthy to be assisting the less priviledge,” Bose asserted.

“The program is a very good program, God will continue to bless the organization for remembering aged people and those that don’t have husband,” another beneficiary, Ayinke Latif said.

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