MUCAN organized symposium for Islamic scholars

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In a bid to empower Islamic scholars and to make them more productive, Muslim Clerics Association of Nigeria (MUCAN) has organized a day symposium for Islamic scholars in Ajuwon – Akute and environs.

The symposium which was tagged “empowering Islamic scholars” was held at Allahu – Lateef Memorial Mosques, Ajuwon on 26th of December, 2019 and was well attended by many Islamic scholars in Ajuwon, Akute, Olambe, Matogbun, Legun, Koye, among other communities.

Dr Bunyaamin Bidmus Kusin (Alalaye Banire) in his speech admonished Islamic scholars to add more values to themselves by having other jobs apart from cleric work citing Shaykh Awwal Atanda Garu, Mukadam Muhammed – l- Awwal Ayinla, and Shaykh Moshood Jubril Ramadam as examples adding that those Islamic scholars are successful because they have many streams of income, which enable them to lay good foundation for their children.

Dr. Bunyaamin Bidmus Kusin (Alalaye Banire)

The CEO, Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd, Alhaji Lukman Garu who is the major facilitator for the symposium admonished Islamic scholars to always seek knowledge saying that is what makes one an Islamic scholar adding that an Imam must be someone who is very vast in knowledge. He also said mosque goes beyound a place of worship but a place to solve Muslim problems by having facilities such as clinic, school, mediation center, library, financial institution, among other things.

Alhaji Lukman Garu, CEO Garu Technologies Nigeria Ltd.

Alhaji Lukman Garu who also shared several business ideas and opportunities with the participants itemized and explained the four (4) categories of people in the business world as follows; employee, self – employed, business owners and investors and urged them to examine themselves in order to know where they belong and upgrade themselves accordingly. He then urged them to always expect opportunity anywhere they find themselves, they should recognize opportunity, respect opportunity and protect opportunity.

In his appreciation speech, the Chief Imam of Ajuwon Land, Fodilatu Sheik Al Imaam Hassan Kehinde Sulaimon Ajuwon commended the facilitator, Alhaji Lukman Garu for a well-done job and said the organization looks forward to having him in their midst soon in the subsequent editions of the symposium.

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