Legun Central Mosque, Alhaja Kenny organize Ramadan Lecture

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As a way of contributing her quota to the growth and development of Islam, a philanthropist known as Alhaja Mariam Kehinde Usman Ere popularly called Alhaja Kenny has partnered Legun Central Mosque to organize Ramadan Lecture on Sunday, 2nd of May, 2021 (Ramadan 20th, 1442).

The Ramadan Lecture that took place at Legun Primary School was graced by prominent Islamic scholars such as Shaykh Kamiludeen Adebesin (Chief Imam of Legun Land), Chief Imam of Maidan Town, Shaykh Ishau AbdulKareem who was ably represented by Ustaz Tijani Ibrahim as well as Shaykh Abdul Mojeed, Tefsir, Legun Central Mosque.

The Guest Lecturer, Ustaz AbdulKabir AbdulRazaq Akanbi Quwatullahi admonished Muslims to ensure that they achieve the essence of the Holy month of Ramadan, saying Ramadan is meant to test Muslims and to let them know what hunger look like.

He then explained the 10 most pious categories of people in the sight of Almighty Allah as follows; Muslims, Believers, those that accept fate, trustworthy people, people with high level of patience, people who are patience with Allah during difficult time, charity givers, those that observe their fasting, those that protect their private part as well as those that remember Allah all the time, saying Allah Kenny belong to the seventh category, which is charity giver. He commended her (Alhaja Kenny) for always putting smile on faces of many people, not only in the month of Ramadan but always.

Highlight of the event include; special prayer for Alhaja Kenny, Muslims, Legun Town and Nigeria as large.

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