Adiyan Alausa Area CDC Youth Forum Ramadan Lecture

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The Youths of Adiyan Alausa Area CDC under the leadership of Comrade Taofeeq Adebesin held their maiden edition of their annual Ramadan Lecture with the aim of inculcating the right values in the youths.

The event which was held on Saturday, 25th of May, 2019 (20th Ramadan, 1440AH), at Adiyan Alausa Town Hall was well attended by prominent personalities and community leaders, which included; Alhaji Lukman Qodir, Chief Imam, Adiyan Alausa Central Mosque; Chief AbdulRafiu Danasungbo, Baale, Adiyan Alausa Town; Chief AbdulRafiu Balogun; Alhaji Adebesin; Alhaji Agunbiade; Comrade Taiwo Olusegun, Ifo Zonal Youth Representative; Alhaja Mogaji; Alhaja Balikis; Alhaja Ogunbanjo as well as Alhaja Adebesin.

The Chairman, Organizing Committee of the event, Comrade Salahudeen Habeeb while delivering his welcome address appreciate everyone present as well as the Guest Lecturers. Part of his welcome address reads: “Going by the theme of this programme; Ramadan total reformation for the youth, here are some highlighted aims and objectives of the organizers: to promote and exchange ideas so as to facilitate the establishment of the Muslim Ummah based on Qur’an and Sunnah; to mobilize and train Muslim youths for productive effort and emergence of visionary leaders; to promote and establish an economy frame work based on Islamic values; to reflect on all Islamic culture in order to worship the creator, serve others and be of benefit to oneself.”

The first Guest Lecturer, Engineer AbdulRafiu Mustapha (Istehsheko) while delivering his lecture titled “Ramadan total reformation for the youth said our youths are unproductive today because our scholars fails to impact them with their knowledge adding that youths must be empowered with faith or fear of God, good character, boldness of bravery, psychological training, sex education and social ethics before we can expect them to play their role meaningfully.

According to him, role of youths in the society include: praying for their community, spread of good character, stopping or discouraging others from bad habits, to help their fellow youths and taking actions instead of complains. He then admonished the youths to make use of their youthful age to develop themselves and to impact their community saying youth age is the sweetest and longest period of human life.

The second Guest Lecturer, Fadeelat Sheik Alhaji AbdulSatar Abubakry (Athaqofy) who also speak on the same topic buttress the points of the first speaker adding that there are four (4) stages of human life and they are: adolescent, puberty, youth and old age saying how you use your youth age will determine how your old age will look like. He also admonished parents to give their children the right and proper upbringing because this will determine how their youth age will look like and the type of youth will have in our society. He then admonished Muslims to continue their good deeds as they are doing in the month of Ramadan.

Adiyan Alausa Area CDC Chairman who is also the Chief host of the event, Rev. (Dr.) J. B. Adesola while addressing the audience commended the Guest Lecturers for their brilliant presentation. He said it is sadden that the youths that the programme is targeted at are not much here. He urged people to be careful of their behavior as people don’t longer interested in reading Qur’an and Bible but reading the believer of these religions. He rounded up by admonished the youths not to allow politicians to use them and commended Adiyan Alausa Area CDC Youth Leader, Comrade Taofeeq Adebesin for his leadership role among the youth in particular and the community in general.

The Youth Leader, Comrade Taofeeq Adebesin told our correspondent that the reason for the event is to bring oneness to the community. “The motive behind this programme is to bring people together, to bring oneness to the community. What we observed is that there is no love among our elders, with this community can not move forward. Bringing people together with this programme will bring love among them.

“The youths should be positive thinking. Youth exorbitant is one of the major thing that affect the community but if we can control our youth exorbitant and channel it to the right path, the community will be peaceful. We should be positive thinking.

“My sincere appreciation goes to the youths and elders of Adiyan Alausa who have contributed one way or the other to the success of the event. My sincere appreciation goes to Alhaja Mydinat, the major sponsor of this joyous event.” Taofeeq added.

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