Community Sensitization Programme

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African Clean Up Initiative of Nigeria in conjunction with. K. O. A Education Foundation take the bull by the horn by taking sensitization programme to Olambe Community. The programme took place on Saturday, 6th of October, 2018 at Olambe Community Market, with the theme “Sensitizing the people on proper waste management culture and keeping their environment clean.”

Members of the organizations as well as volunteers were seen on various parts of the market, going from shop to shop, stall to stall to talk to the market men and women on proper waste management.

The Founder of K. O. A Education Foundation, Mrs Akintomiwa Kafilat Olanrewaju while addressing our correspondent said the programme was initiated by African Clean Up Initiative of Nigeria. She said “this programme was actually organized by African Clean Up Initiative of Nigeria and K. O. A Education Foundation realized that this programme is of great benefits and we decided to support them by choosen Olambe Community for our own sensitization programme. Right now, this programme is going on in about 58 communities, where some people are doing green rallies, some are doing clean up, sensitization and so on. But we chose to sensitize the people of Olambe in order to keep their community clean, how to manage their waste, how to make their environment clean and the benefits of keeping their environment clean.”

When asked what value will the programme add to the people, she said “It will add a lot of values because as we are talking to the people, we realized that some of them were learning as they realized that not only will they add values to their own personal self like their health hygiene, it will also boost their market sales because if I come to buy goods from you and I see that your shop or stall is dirty, it will actually discourage me from transacting with you. So apart from the personal advantage, which is protecting them against diseases and making them clean, it also boost their sales.”

She then applauded the traders at Olambe Community market for their cooperation and understanding, adding that one of the trader told her that they have someone that usually come to pick up their waste every morning and in the evening.

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