Mix reaction as GOCO dumps APC for APM

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People of Ifo constituency 2 has taken to social media, particularly Facebook to express their feels as the Honorable member representing them at Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Ganiyu Alani Oyedeji aka GOCO formally announced his defection to Allied People’s Movement Party (APM). GOCO made the announcement in an official letter he read on the floor of the hallow chamber on 29th of November, 2018.

While some people of the constituency applauded him for the defection, others opined that he made wrong decision and accused him of poor representation.

Here are some of people’s comments on his Facebook page:

Ajayi Adeshina Kassim Asiwaju: Waooo God is a vengeance, you punish the people of your constituency for good four years with hardship now. God took over the mandate from you. You are crying wolf. God and sit down. Stop fooling yourself. Even your street is not ok ,no street light. You will not win. Emperor amosun is just deceiving you.

Solabi Kamorudeen Adeniyi Kamwas: Good move, Almighty God will CROWN all your EFFORT with VICTORY, You are the man of VISION and MISSION , Man of the PEOPLE. I STAND WITH GOCO.

Adeola Adebeshi: lekan si oyedeji ni bi won fe bi won ko o ti ja ewe olu bori

Musa Ozi Abdulsalam: Another political mistake.

Adeyanju Adebowale: Hmmm, No vision

Biodun Ojelade: The beginning of the end, political office holder like yourself having used a popular political party to win an election, ought to be very close, supportive, as well as, work tirelessly in case of a day like this, but your performance is really below par as well as your leader the governor grandstanding in imposition of candidates, which are all not good for democracy and Democratic governance, I want to believe that you have learnt a very good political lessons now, so I hereby welcome you on board, to ifo2 state constituency election come 2019, where your performance, popularity, integrity will speak for or against you, the era of using either APC or sai baba to win is behind us now, the era of rigorous campaign and your popularity is here. Welcome honourable sir.

Temisan Olaniyi Samson: I’m very optimistic that if you’re not in haste to dump APC , there will be an alternative possible portfolio that would still make your stand relevant. Perhaps to a higher level, APC is sure because you have made impact therein sir, You’re progressive and not retrogressive , ponder on my opinion, thanks

Hammed Lagun: Mr honourable think we’ll before you do it Ambode is not going for 2term is still in APC and Amosun

LizBet Funke: The emperor that sent to Egypt, still in Israel.too bad

Aminat Adepeju Adebeshin: Continuity is the game and with God we are there already.Goco is the best man for the job,humble and perseverance in nature and to crown it all the truth shall prevail Mosha Allahu.I stand with Good 100%

Tonade Akinwale: My oga and my dear Honourable, it is good to take a risk and not just a risk but a calculated one.
I am certain you would have weighed the options available to you before taking your decision. In as much as I will want to wish you well, I won’t renege in calling your attention to the havoc that can be caused by getting carried away by comments and advises of those who have nothing to loose. Kindly give this a second thought and never be in a haste to take decision Sir. God bless you Sir.

Sulaimon Serky Oyedeji: One with god is a majority… If God says yes no one can’t say no..and with God all things are possible… Hasbuno llahu Wanimol Wakeel

Olusegun Matthew Ogunmuyiwa: On suicide mission.

Adewale Abiodun: Am afraid sir, if only you are committed to what you claimed to believed in 2015 and not personal interest you will stay and prove your loyalty to APC and not partially to PMB

Babatundemercy Ibilola: Any negative word against your vision shall not prevail, mercy of God shall speak for you and all your good wishes shall manifest in Jesus name.

Olaniyi Ogungbade: Whalai,you have missed road.

Adetokunbo Victoria Lawanson: A bad move at this perilous time. You should have demanded audience with Asiwaju bola Ahmed Tinubu! I believe he would have done something. Besides, Amosun”s train is laced with greed despite having tried so hard… He should give everybody the opportunity to choose their leader not impose.

Johnson Sunday Osatuyi: Good bye ,remember that your career is different to amosoun career ,igbeyin lo ye oloku ada


1 thought on “Mix reaction as GOCO dumps APC for APM

  1. End of era of Sectional Enjoyment of dividend of democracy.
    Many people worked for Goco but he took care of few.. I have said it severally and iam repeating it.. Goco is a colossal failure

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